Carrie poetry fashion brand underwear instantly shaping the perfect tall and straight visual effects

Carrie poetry underwear brand to the main line of fashion, combining things, ancient and modern, will lively and elegant static, leisure and unrestrained blend of simple, Smart, strong sense of modernity. Emphasize the health of the United States, the use of environmentally friendly materials, in line with the perfect oriental female body shape of the process, breathable, personal, soft and comfortable.


A piece of seamless underwear to rescue your summer dress problems, sweet and aesthetically pleasing new ice cream flower pattern, with the fit of the current international fashion colors, gradient printing patterns increase the difficulty of the process, fabric soft, paste clothing, wearing very comfortable, Simple chicken heart bit, to express girlhood feelings.

嘉莉诗时尚品牌内衣  瞬间塑造完美挺拔视觉效果

Originated from the ages of "blue and white" as the history and illusion of change, the elegant pattern for the woman's chest had Hui, retro style flowing a trace of spring flavor, noble and calm, awakening a woman from the inside out of luster, noble temperament , Glamorous princess, high chicken heart gathered effectively focus on the chest, instantly create a perfect tall and straight visual effects.

We are customized Tie Clip, tie clip and cufflink gift set, brass tie clip according to your design, size, color . It`s made by zinc alloy, iron, brass and so on. Used for decoration of Tie. In order to make the tie looks be more tidy, people usually choice this accessory. The process of this item could be stamping or die casting. Plating some color on it comes popular, such as gold, silver, nickel , copper, bronze and so on, Mens Tie Clips are depend on your specific request .  

Tie Clip

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