2014 DICKIES 『work hard ,play hard』

The international tooling big-name DICKIES from the United States recently released its new series of spring-summer 2014 collections, and then displayed the brand appeal of the American improvement tooling style for everyone. In 2014, the DICKIES Spring-Summer series explored the nature of life in READ MORE

Lee Min Ho endorsement shoot Summa apparel 2014 spring …

Lee Min Ho endorsed the production of a new Sima Spring 2014 advertising campaign. Sumima 2014 spring new jeans, windbreaker, dresses, jackets, shirts, and other stylish, irreplaceable new fashion Slim Lee Min Ho endorsement shoot Senma 2014 spring new advertising large film Senma 2014 spring new READ MORE

Correct understanding of jade color and transparency

Many consumers have such experiences and feelings; in the shopping environment, the color of the jade jewelry of their choice is how beautiful and moist, but how do you feel different when you use the jewelry after purchasing? This is not surprising. Emerald, especially h READ MORE

Jade falsification is divided into three categories

Usually jade falsification is divided into three categories: First, the material is fake, it is not the material of jade. The second is the carving of fake work, here is divided into "old jade new work", "new jade new work" and "fake jade new wor READ MORE

Maintenance and Tian Yu

Jade is one of the gifts that are given to each other by friends and family during the New Year. Among them, Hetian jade is a treasure. However, the maintenance of Hetian jade, which is expensive and expensive, is also very particular. If it is not properly maintained, it READ MORE

Ladies jacket with simple fashion is also exciting

Eliza women's brand is a very well-known brand in the Middle East but very luxurious, in recent years, especially by the domestic actress respected. Xiao Bian is now introduced in Europe and the United States hit the color mosaic stitching jacket. Wrap jacket continued so far, inherited the pa READ MORE

Straight silhouette coat type go winter

Hangzhou in December reveals a chill, from time to time under the drizzle, but still lazy people intoxicated. Put on the female diary this winter's new coat, walk in the streets, free of winter, start their own wonderful day .... With warm companionship Large-profile jacket has been popula READ MORE