Li Ning to open a new era of children's sports appa…

Today's Li Ning children's wear will better integrate Li Ning Group's various advantages, reshape the core competitiveness of the brand, attach importance to product development and brand concepts, and guide children's sportswear in the industry's progress, so as to achieve the READ MORE

Green Marketing: Change, Conflict and Strategic Choice

The basic concept of modern marketing is "taking consumers' needs as the starting point and destination of business activities." If we say that this idea is relative to the previous concept of production, product concept, and marketing concept, it is an enterprise's busin READ MORE

Feng Xiaoyue Attends the “RAW Tour Customization Work…

The RAW Tailored Atelier'RAW Tour Customization Studio has traveled around the world and successively debuted in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Let customers customize their own 3301 jeans to your own tastes, and experience the brand's focus on denim, exquisite handcrafting and tailoring. READ MORE

EICHITOO2012 wear new autumn and winter leisure advocat…

EICHITOO brand will be the most stylish design and integration of the trend of elements for the love of fashion, young people who love to create a sophisticated modern urban style. EICHITOO provides men and women wear series, divided into Urban and Casual two directions, Urban series focus on the t READ MORE

Snow White Dress Street T

Leading Word: The elegant white color is particularly prominent in this season. Wearing white in winter, it is easier to create the image of the Ice Queen. From the T stage to the European and American streets everywhere, white becomes the star's essential color. The elegant white color is par READ MORE

Research and Analysis of Fur Printing Technology

The fur printing is the process of forming color patterns on the fur through the use of dye coatings, by means of printing plates, through physical and chemical reactions, such as rabbit skin, rex rabbit skin, suede, sheep sheared leather, etc. Can be imitation leopard cat, leopard, tiger READ MORE

Feixunfeisi 12 winter series of different colors to cre…

FASHION FISH Fashion and emotional interaction, in the art space, through the designer's fashion decomposition and reorganization, people naturally feel the classic culture of its brand, elegant. In addition to the design, the FASHION FISH is also under the raw materials of clothing, a READ MORE