Autumn and winter windbreaker should be how with

Into the autumn and winter, windbreaker, of course, is a must have a single product! Whether it is just cover the length of the buttocks, or long knees, are common styles of autumn and winter windbreaker. With pencil pants or hip skirt package is a good choice. So, how to make the coat with the be READ MORE

Congratulations to Miss Wang, Henan, a successful contr…

On August 15, 2013, Haijiashi brand women's clothing and Henan Wang officially signed a franchise agreement. Haijia Shi franchise authorized its distribution rights in Henan Province, the franchise stores franchise Kai Jia Shi brand series of products, and the use of Haijia Shi brand women' READ MORE

The bed products are washed and ironed to have a bacter…

Core Tip: Sheet quilt cover is a household item that we need to touch every day, which is equivalent to close-fitting clothing. Many people throw them into the washing machine directly when they are cleaning, and then take them out to dry. Can this method be completely sterilized? Let's take READ MORE

Enjoy wealth, win-win world 2013 Jennifer underwear Jin…

Cheap underwear , the national chain to break the traditional business profiteering marketing model, with a small amount of profit launched "international parity volume" mode "consultant + experiential marketing" business strategy, the whole point of output, worry and effort, b READ MORE

OL's must-have and pointed shoes make you stand up

Ben Wang, August 21st, this summer's elegant pointed heel lightning peak, became a must-have for this season's fashion icon. Sharp pointed, elegant and hungry, full OL range, can be described as an essential tool for office workers, whether it is with a shirt, slim trousers or long T textu READ MORE

Stradivarius Women's August Clothing Catalog ZARA S…

Stradivarius August combined with rock and street charm. Since the rise of rock and roll music in the 1950s and 1960s, the wave of sudden emergence has occupied the front end of mainstream pop culture, and the trend is changing. Rock and roll is a fashionable theme that never ends. The feeling of READ MORE

How to buy and maintain agate

In the purchase of agate products, one depends on the color. Choose bright colors, pure colors, thick layers, and obvious bands, with red and blue being the best. The second is to look at transparency. Choose a smooth surface, high transparency, uniform and clear texture. READ MORE