When Tanabata encounters a couple T-shirts

The most anticipated New Year's Eve is approaching. This ancient festival known as “Chinese Valentine's Day” is very romantic. How do couples prepare? cinema? Cafe? tourism? -----NO! Xiao Bian suggests that you first put on a cute couple T-shirt, go on the road, the de READ MORE

Export difficult to make less domestic brands

At present, China's children's wear industry has formed a new pattern of focusing on Foshan, Zhejiang, Zhili, Zhejiang, Fujian Shishi, Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Changshu as the main production base, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen as a brand concentration. With some well-known clothing READ MORE

Korean by Xuan beautiful summer to create the perfect p…

Xuan according to Korean women supply network is located located in the famous Chinese garment production capital of Guangzhou. Is a collection production and sales as one of the large-scale e-commerce wholesale clothing agent to join the site, in Hangzhou Evergreen and evergreen markets and Guan READ MORE

The continuous increase in the overall cost is worrying…

Taking advantage of the pressure of appreciation, many Zhejiang textile and textile enterprises participated in the Canton Trade Fair, which ended last week. However, compared with the harvested orders, it is more anxious for them to absorb the comprehensive costs of exchange rate changes. READ MORE

2011 "BUSHAKA" summer popular investment!

Hao Xuan Clothing Co., Ltd is a design, production and sales of professional women 's company, the company has been committed to the fashion, cheap clothing culture to many elegant women. After the company for many years Development and brand promotion, so far in the country with more than READ MORE

Dan Shier Geer women show the most true self

High quality of life and the endless pursuit of the United States, the designer accurately extracted, and this is the mysterious and independent French temperament: fashion, elegance, independence, even in countless people can show distinctive; proud Female, maverick temperament. Everything in the READ MORE

Legs neatism flat shoes with clever

Ben Wang March 08 hearing, has a pair of straight long slender legs is the desire of all girls, this season, no matter what clothes wear with flat shoes is very IN! · The wild king of sandals is it · Visual stretch leg length also has a pair of V-port shoes · Danbyo shoes trend | summe READ MORE