Clothes with Qinxiang women to teach clothing ironing c…

There are many clothes to be ironed, many people think that ironing is a very easy thing, it is very casual ironing, in fact, do not know very easy to break a good clothes, the following and we talk about, What are the skills of ironing clothes shirt ironing: 1. iron predecessor, while the level o READ MORE

Show life's bit by bit fun show Dai underwear

Women have their own unique personality only "soul." Dress to have their own style is outstanding enough is, as Miss Chanel said: "Ephemeral fleeting, only the style is eternal," so women wear clothing to their own style. Show Dai underwear emphasizes adhere to their own style, READ MORE

Rich bird or build "the first brand of Chinese wed…

The lights swayed, and the bridegroom dressed in a wedding suit stood at the end of the light, and the smoke lingered slowly under the curtain. The beautiful bride was dressed in an exquisite and gorgeous wedding dress. At this conference, Chairman of the Rich Bird Group Lin Heping and President of READ MORE

The honey girl's heart is sweet and fresh and sweet…

Ben May 5 hearing, gentle and sweet girls always give fresh feelings, playful and relaxed sweet fresh style is one of the hot spots in early summer, how to wear sweet and cute and playful mix to create the most beautiful girl in the season Xiao Bian gave you a stroke! Let you inadvertently add a READ MORE

Fashion Week New Surprise Funny Prints

Brick wall printing Autumn and winter 2012 release, suddenly blowing a wave of brick wall printing, Jean Paul Gaultie and Moschino (microblogging) in the men's wear week has released a clothing with brick wall printing, followed by New York Fashion Week Jeremy Scott also launched Colorful bri READ MORE

Modified polypropylene knitted fabric, disperse dyeing

There is no polar group on the macromolecular chain of polypropylene, and there is no group capable of binding with dye molecules, and the crystallinity is high, the melting point and softening point are low, the dyeability is poor, and it is difficult to dye, generally in the spinning process. The READ MORE

Aofei Mann brand women's summer trend of 2012 prere…

2012 spring and summer trumpets have sounded, this strong digital printing style wind quickly "massive attack," without too many reasons, in short, you just remember: In this blossoming digital printing world, your summer Dress up is about to light up. Whether it is large-scale accumulat READ MORE