Sissy princess adjust the selection of underwear tips

Fashionable beauty of women have a functional underwear, in a large number of fashion underwear brand , choose which one is the best? Joining functional underwear selected brand is very important, to choose a good reputation to join the big brand, franchisees will undoubtedly bring many business opportunities and make money. Princess Sissi is the only functional underwear brand registered in the State Trademark Bureau in China.

Be sure to choose a plastic underwear that matches your size and needs so that you can achieve the effect of shaping. Underwear is the mold of the body, it shape your chest shape, the process is like a cake, not the same mold, made of different cake, beautiful cake needs beautiful mold. Breast with soft features, she can adapt to different underwear, bad underwear to destroy the body, good underwear to create a body, we should treat the breast, give it the best underwear, so that underwear for your ideal body.


Remember: Your underwear shape is equal to your chest shape, when choosing underwear must be careful. Today's demand for clothing, not only including price, style, workmanship and other factors, but also pay more attention to environmental protection, comfort and functionality. So the choice of fabric underwear is also an important factor to consider when buying underwear.

Body sculpting underwear is usually very personal, good fabric with hygroscopic breathable, close but not tight protective health functions. Because the body shaping underwear will usually be relatively tight, so easily lead to skin allergies and skin diseases, should choose some non-irritating to the skin fabric. Should also pay attention to the choice of weaving. Braided body sculpting underwear with a special soft wire, braided hexagonal prism weave, so that the body is upright and elegant, when wearing flat and not tightly tied. Functional underwear is often made of double or three layers of knitted products, such as the use of polypropylene, polyester material, the underwear has a good moisture sweat, breathable and breathable function, a variety of high elastic fibers through a reasonable combination and with, To meet the requirements of a variety of knitted underwear.

Body underwear and skin contact comfort, biomimetic technology and the application of environmentally friendly raw materials, fabrics have similar to the human body's natural skin respiration, cooling and other powerful features, vertical and horizontal stretching force and suppleness and tightening characteristics, which need to be confirmed. Princess Sissi is a professional functional underwear, designed by the famous French design family, she is a favorite of the French aristocracy and her variety of styles, the effect is excellent.

Tpr Sole is the same kind of sole made of the same raw material. It's called TPR, but its name is different

TPR sole is a kind of polymer material which is blended and modified by thermoplastic elastomer SBS and other functional aids. It is processed by extrusion, injection molding and molding, and then formed. It has the advantages of antiskid, low temperature resistance, strong bending, good air permeability, small density and strong bonding strength

Tpr Sole

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