T100 parent-child wear CRT hand in hand network level league

Recently, the China Tennis Association, China Tennis Open Organizing Committee, the League level League Executive Committee jointly sponsored by the T100 parent-child children's clothing and other brands sponsored the 2013 CRT Middle Level League South China Division Guangzhou station perfect ending, from More than 400 amateur tennis fans aged 8 to 40 in southern China gathered again in Guangzhou to storm a national tennis storm. Tennis is a beautiful and intense sport and has spread very rapidly in China in recent years. Tennis is well-received by domestic sports enthusiasts, and more and more elites and families are also involved. It is understood that the CRT level league as the current domestic amateur tennis enthusiasts the highest level of sports events, by a new generation of high quality of life sought after elite families sought after, which is with the T100 parenting children's clothing advocate the pursuit of high quality And high-grade elite family's life style coincide. As the most influential leading brand of high-end children's wear, T100 parent-child wear has always insisted on "creating the world's children's wear," a beautiful vision. T100 parenting children's wear advocated by the elite family lifestyle, the elite family clothing culture unique brand concept is the world leader in, and consumers have been recognized. Adhering to the "parent-child children's clothing," the brand concept, T100 inherited the essence of the design of the British aristocratic clothing, Oriental culture and integration of the East tradition of Chinese and Western, re-interpretation of the classic, simple, noble British style, aristocratic range of children. T100 brand vigorously promote the "parent-child culture" concept has also been recognized and sought after by countless families. Dressed in T100 parent-child children's clothing, parents and children in sports, travel, family life and other occasions are more intimate, so that children more joy and innocence.

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