Export difficult to make less domestic brands

At present, China's children's wear industry has formed a new pattern of focusing on Foshan, Zhejiang, Zhili, Zhejiang, Fujian Shishi, Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Changshu as the main production base, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen as a brand concentration. With some well-known clothing brand enterprises have entered the children's clothing manufacturing industry in high-profile, the market structure of the national children's wear industry has undergone significant changes. Seven wolves, Li Ning, Shanshan, Anta, and 361 Degrees have all entered the market with huge amounts of capital. Children's wear industry, this aggressive situation, has brought tremendous pressure on the Shishi children's clothing manufacturing industry. The Shishi Children’s Wear Base plays a decisive role in the national children’s clothing manufacturing industry. Although it is difficult to shake up temporarily, the Shishi children’s wear industry clearly feels a crisis and a tendency to marginalize again.

It is reported that there are 3,000 large and small children's wear manufacturing enterprises in Shishi, and there are more than 400 member enterprises in the Children's Wear Association. The total number of companies is large, but there are only 70 enterprises with a certain scale, and they have great brand influence in the domestic market. Enterprises are minimal.

In the early 90s of the 20th century, the Shishi children's clothing industry once had a fascinating appearance, occupying almost half of China's children's wear market, and it was the most appealing in the national children's clothing market. At the turn of the century, Zhejiang Zhili children's clothing has just begun. Although "China's 98% of all children's clothing from the weaving" is too exaggerated, but the strong rise of the weaving children's clothing industry is obvious to all. In the past 10 years, Shishi children's clothing industry in the brand building on the fault, missed the golden period of 10 years of development. The Shishi children's wear industry has already retreated in the domestic market. There are few figures in the high-end children's wear market, and most of them go in the wholesale market.

However, when the Shishi children's clothing ebbed in the domestic market, they found a huge international market space. Nowadays, Shishi has become an important international children's clothing procurement base for foreigners. Foreigners in the Shishi take the market, enter the company, order, loading, shipping, as long as they come, can be fully loaded. Compared with other clothing industries, the children's wear industry is the most internationalized Shishi clothing sub-industry. However, Shishi children's clothing industry insight, and did not indulge in the surface prosperity of the Shishi children's wear foreign trade market.

Although the export volume of Shishi children's wear is extremely large, it is mainly characterized by low-end markets such as Middle East and other countries and regions. The unit price of children's wear products is not high and the added value is extremely low. Children's wear enterprises generally complain that profits are too thin and production is difficult to maintain. Shishi children's clothing ex-factory price for each 20 yuan to 30 yuan, each piece of profit is only a few dollars ***, the highest is only 1.5 yuan / piece below, as long as a single goods slightly missed, will come to naught. If the Shishi children's wear industry is always at the low end of the industrial value chain, its development prospects are very bleak.

At present, Shishi children's clothing is faced with many problems. In the manufacturing industry, R&D and design forces are weak and talents are insufficient. The shortage of employment is serious, the number of high-quality employees is decreasing, large orders cannot be delivered in time, and small orders are not digested; the production conditions and employees Although the living environment has improved greatly compared with a few years ago, it is far from being visited by foreign counterparts. Shishi children's wear enterprises have poor independent innovation capabilities and lack of core competitiveness; their brand building awareness is not enough, and their market influence is very weak; The lack of marketing team strength and limited market expansion capacity are potential crises in the Shishi children's wear industry.

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