When Tanabata encounters a couple T-shirts

The most anticipated New Year's Eve is approaching. This ancient festival known as “Chinese Valentine's Day” is very romantic.

How do couples prepare? cinema? Cafe? tourism? -----NO! Xiao Bian suggests that you first put on a cute couple T-shirt, go on the road, the degree of tacit understanding, but also promote the exchange of feelings between the two!

Do not talk nonsense, first on the map (the picture below is a lot of customers from China Manufacturing Network oh)

Bright colors, cute patterns, do you want to have it?
Photo source: love it love clothes

The highlight is that its design has broken through the traditional couple's outfit exactly the same way. Based on the choice of color, different colors are selected according to gender, black and white echo each other and complement each other.
Photo Credit: Yixin Yiyi Emotional Clothing Design & Trade Co., Ltd.

Panda panda, panda mom, panda baby, take this happy family!
Picture Source: Foshan Hengai Parent-child Clothing Co., Ltd.

You can DIY couple T-shirt, you are here, I am at that end, is not it fun?
Photo source: Hefei Youyou Clothing Co., Ltd.

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