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Beauty, fashion, health is the eternal pursuit of all female friends; Kang Lini underwear brand dedicated to creating high-quality popular women's underwear , the beautiful, stylish and healthy apparel products as a priority, in this year's autumn and winter, Kang Lu Ni launched Hundreds of new underwear products, a woman's graceful and graceful style and personality combined with aristocratic, leading the new round of love beautiful, love fashion, love healthy fashion trends.


Kang Lui underwear brand _2012 autumn and winter new models

Beauty, is human nature; and the real beauty is emanating from the inside out, Kang Lui Ni 2012 autumn and winter underwear brand new fashion quality, rich and beautiful and known, a comprehensive set off your beauty, so that your noble temperament from the inside The field is distributed. You look that embroidered bra, the heart of the fashion design to the deep V temptation to make you sexy, graceful, like the fairy dancing, the body light, charming and delicate, elegant, as if the beauty of the world burst in your moment; That fashion lace bra, the use of imported lace and gauze with, comfortable texture, the perfect seam, showing the elegant Seiko made elegant way, the style of the design highlight elegant, please visit http: // .com / products.html, you can learn more Kang Luni brand underwear -2012 autumn and winter models new details. With a unique lace, as if telling the feelings of women spontaneously!

Fashion is the pursuit of modern taste, is the "time" and "advocating" the sum of. The use of lace, embroidery, printing and other processes to complete the boutique underwear and using cotton, Modal, silk and other casual home furnishing, sexy and stylish, beautiful and comfortable, closely follow the design trend, a variety of styles advocated by the public. That seamless body underwear, super soft fabric low collar design, create a charming curve, waist lifted arm, showing the perfect "S" curve; that cotton print couple casual clothes, beige and pink, as the young couple's season And the rainy season, open your heart, publicity independent personality, so that the rapid warming of love, from love into love, everywhere to convey the signal of love.


Kang Lui underwear brand _2012 autumn and winter new models

Health is the greatest happiness in life. Kang Lanyi underwear brand production has always been based on health-oriented, such as the use of cotton, bamboo fiber bras, hygroscopic breathable, comfortable to wear, can effectively prevent bacterial invasion, health and health; and adjust the theme bra, the use of high-tech fabrics and Scientific design tailoring, management and guide the flow of fat, the loss of fat homing cup, to achieve the purpose of the United States and beauty; health bra, a unique fiber magnetic material can promote blood circulation, improve human metabolism, long-lasting wear can be To the role of breast beauty breast milk, plus the cup of soft beads with powder bag is a natural pearl and sesame oil, pearl can play a role in massage, sesame oil can play a soothing effect, with health effects.

The upcoming autumn and winter, let us love beauty, love fashion, love health; and Kang Lu Ni together to pursue excellence, enjoy life.

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