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All along, the price war is a must-fight for businesses. Smoky price market businesses have exhausted a lot of effort. Consumers also need a pair of eyes, the real price in the chaos of the market to buy gold. In the business must contend for the apparel market, the price war is intensified. From the store's jumping property prices to the mall as low as 3 fold are the price war frontier position. The emergence of the No. 1 store denim, detonated the domestic denim brand market. 38 yuan denim 【Website: 】 Thousands of species siege the market, high waist pants, waist pants, low waist pants, pants, cowboy cool, bell-bottoms ... everything! Sexy, cool, texture a Let; fashion, fashion, leisure a lot. Cheap is not cheap, inexpensive low-quality cowboy 38 yuan, consumers have become recognized as high-quality low-cost jeans brand, was joined by many agents praised. Although the development of jeans in China is only a short period of ten years, the rapid rise in our country has made many people see the growth rate and development prospects of many people. Compared with traditional apparel, jeans, both margins are relatively low threshold, the risk is less. Popular from the United States to the world, fashion men and women around the world can accept fashion! The face of China's 20-50-year-old men, women and children the vast majority of ordinary consumers demand, 38 jeans brand one after another to explore the domestic market, while many domestic investors are also keen on the vibrant market for jeans. 38 yuan denim [Tel:] to "38 yuan" low prices, to the Chinese influx of people and people to provide the season's best-selling, most popular and most affordable fashion casual pants, it is the market needs , The people's will, the whole country shines, greatly satisfy the cheap Chinese consumer habits, set off a shock China "cheap fashion" storm. Low prices certainly do not have good quality consumer attitudes seem so deeply rooted. No. 1 warehouse jeans know, the purpose of the price war to win is not a competitor, but the consumer itself. To win the approval of consumers claimed the biggest winner. 38 yuan denim to high-quality products, in one fell swoop to break the traditional concepts of people, breaking the price of years of brand apparel ice, the brand apparel parity. To win the perfect combination of high quality and low price, take the sales champion. Price low quality is not low quality products by consumers at the same time, many small and medium entrepreneurs are also on the 1st warehouse jeans! "38 yuan products, entrepreneurs and earn?" You may not have to worry about this, 38 denim headquarters with fast and stylish production and marketing system, from the procurement of raw materials, design and production to logistics and distribution, so that the resources to achieve the ultimate optimization , A huge amount of goods also greatly reduce costs, standardized production lines to ensure the effectiveness of quality control. From the choice of materials to processing, sales front-line through, completely remove the middle part of the purchase, return convenient, non-counterfeit, all genuine, to ensure the sustainable development of joining. Omit the middle part of a truly one-stop supplier to ensure the dealer's sales profits. Based on the company's efficient logistics and distribution platform, the use of e-commerce platform at headquarters, the goods in a timely and accurate delivery to the dealer location, save time and effort. 38 yuan cowboy [Website: ] in the trend-setting fashion at the same time abandon the luxury, promote rational consumption. The concept of "cheap as well as fashionable" enables people to pursue their fashion more rationally and grasp the trend. High-end quality at low prices to sell, breaking the price barrier. 38 yuan a cowboy warehouse based on the concept of a minimum price of 38 yuan, closely linked to public spending psychology, stripping the price of apparel high prices, restore the true nature of my clothes. This move not only promote product sales in the market, the rapid occupation of the market, the price war, triumphant return, but also firmly hold the position of the aircraft carrier in the jeans industry, regardless of strong brand, amazing low prices, innovative Marketing model, a sound sales guide, a comprehensive service body, three-dimensional advertising bombing ... ... 38 yuan denim cowboy products are called the trend of "wind vane" far ahead of the same industry, the industry can be described as unmanned.

Flame retardant clothing are garments made of fabrics with flame retardant properties that protect workers from fire. According to the style can be divided into FR Coveralls, FR Jackets, Fr Shirts, Fr Pants , FR Suits , FR Bibs , FR knitted t-shirt and so on. Customers can choose the style that suits them according to their working environment, and we support ODM.Customers can design the flame retardant clothing styles they want for us to produce.
Advantages of flame retardant clothing:
Customized production
Have an embroidery factory
Provide free samples
Professional quality inspection team
Accessories of flame retardant clothing:
We have a professional procurement team with 10 years of overseas procurement experience. We can purchase global accessories according to customer requirements, collect and select materials from all major exhibitions, and provide you with the most cost-effective accessories!
Xinke protective flame retardant clothing is suitable for your employees and required by law in wide industries and is regulated by numerous safety standards boards. Xinke Protective has acquired the certificates, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, SA 8000, WRAP, CE, UL.
Xinke protective flame retardant clothing are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electric welding, fire protection, offshore operations and coal mining industries.
Quality is the soul of an enterprise, hope fully we can have a chance to serve you!
Q: How to ensure your the delivery time?
A: -We have modern automated assembly lineproduction equipment, just 120 seconds is needed from the first process to the last one;
 -Moreover,we have prepared finished fabrics which can be produced into clothes immediately to short the delivery time to15-20 days;
 -Urgent order will be deal with immediately.
Q: What`s your payment terms?
A: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF and L/C payment terms etc.
  Other terms can be negotiated.
Q:Can you producesmallorders?
A:Yes,we do. If your order is smaller than our MOQ, we can arrange special for you but the cost would be higher.
Q: How to ensure your product quality?
A:We have the;the most advanced testing equipment. Two inspections are taken in the factory and the laboratoryto ensure that each batch ofproduct is with high quality.
Q: What`s your main market?
A: Our clients are all over the world, having mature market in Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia etc, exporting large quantity FR garments every month by container quantities.

Q: Do you provide the sample? How long it takes?
A: Sample can be provided.
Delivery time: Regular item in stock can be delivery in 1-2 days.
Your Customize will takes 7-10 days.
Q: Do you supply OEM service? Can you make as our design? Also I want to put our LOGO on protective clothing?
A: Yes, we can customize the design for you, which exactly as your demand.Your LOGO can be put on clothing by format of EMBROIDERY, SCREEN PRINTING etc as requested.

Q: How many times washing your FR garment can endure?
A: More than 50 washing time for Europe standard.
  More than 100 washing time for NFPA standard.

  Washing time can be customize according to require and market.

Q: Is that possible to be your agent or distributor?
A: Yes, of course. We are glad to work with you together to develop the market.
  Feel free to contact us for more information.
  We are the OEM manufacturer for FR Workwear, we are developing partners to occupy our market share.

Flame Retardant Garments

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