What is the best look with a small suit or short paragraph with a small suit

Suit now is not a man's dress, handsome little suit is always popular, not only men can wear a suit handsome plus points, women can also wear a small suit to show elegant lean, ladies and small suit with what the best look ? Long paragraph or short paragraph is more suitable for you? Together LOOKBOOK.


Short paragraph small suit style

Small suit is divided into long section short section, there are different styles, small suits there are fashion models, professional section to distinguish the weather short paragraph small suit how to match? This dark short short suit to take a brighter color T-shirt, lower body with black pants, that is, professional temperament, but also a sense of fashion.


Long paragraph small suit style

Black is the eternal classic of the same color, no matter which season is always the most sought-after a black color, black long paragraph small suit style, take a leopard-print that is female wild, but also show elegant professionalism , This small black suit can also follow your own mix, the inside can be used with other bright-colored clothing, that is, with a good look. (Source: NI Er wheat Women )

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