By the inside and outside the fashion and warmth through bit teenager winter coat

Fashionable fashion is no longer the exclusive adult, and cultivate children's taste and fashion aesthetic, of course, started from an early age. Today's parents are basically the trend of the younger generation after 70 and 80, and to choose their own baby clothes and dress not only to keep warm, but also pay attention to fashion taste. The weather has gradually entered the state of winter, and how to make my family's baby boys are both warm and stylish it! Then the off-shore juvenile winter clothing is essential fashion dress up! This touch of snow in the extreme bright red extreme, unique bright color design makes the coat more eye-catching luster. Simple and neat design classic will never be outdated, in the winter to give girls a positive energy forward. Lively Smart boots boots, and then with a small boots is full of tide is still a small star it! The new hood with a casual woven cotton coat, a change of autumn and winter coat a heavy impression. The use of novel lightweight fabric design, hit color collar, cuffs, stylish zipper and other details of the design in place. High-quality straight jeans to provide warm and comfortable wear to enjoy the color of language and texture show a warm and warm charm, so that young and energetic can be light at any time. Cold winter is not cold, because the offside juvenile wear is the children's sun, bringing children unlimited warmth and happiness. Out-off juvenile outfit every quarter to launch hundreds of new generation of boys and girls dedicated to the new boutique, dress up a better life for children, so that children happy in the wonderful world of growth. Offside juvenile equipment, pouring 100% care and meticulous care of the true feelings of young people's life and growth.

Complete with domestic and imported from Germany interlining production line,we have the specialized strong technical force,advanced detection system to guarantee the stability of the production  quality.

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Woven Non Fusible Interlinig 2 Composition 100% polyester and 80% polyester +20% cotton .Color can do white ,offwhite ,black ,charcoal and so on .Touch can do soft ,medium ,and hard .

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