2013 autumn and winter fabrics must not be missed splicing art

The new season "fabric splicing" boom has a unique new Aspect - from Paris, Milan, two major fashion week in the popular top brands in the fashion fabric splicing, this season to become New York, London Fashion Week, many real wear The most popular brand name card. New York Fashion Week, fur and fiber fabric splicing is the mainstream of today's trend. Paris Fashion Week will be further interpreted this trend: the use of a variety of fabrics in the same clothing to create a bold contrast. The more "Beckhams" Beckhams, a more professional designer, are attracted by this trend, both in the fall / winter 2013 collection of personal namesake and secondary Victoria by Victoria Beckham A lot of fabric stitching skills, to bring a section of elegant self-cultivation and capable fashion. Also featured is the Reed Krakoff label, which features a full-fledged Pinocchio style, neatly cut and trimmed with specially-treated soft leather trim, or a croc-effect patchwork of colorful prints Be trendy and chic. Chinese designer brand Philippine 3.1 (3.1 Phillip Lim) bring the 2013 autumn and winter women's show is a big street show style, denim, men's fabrics, leather, fur can become the designer's best splicing material, more diversified Fabric splicing elements bring unexpected fashion attitude; another Chinese designer Alexander Wang (Alexander Wang) is the main fight wool and soft leather stitching, gorgeous fur occasionally come out and do a favor, so that the fall and winter clothes even more warm And full of high sense. Creatures Of The Wind omnipotent sense of difference fabric stitching, where you want or can not think there will be. Burberry Prorsum also stitched a small piece of fabric in the details but futuristic; Carolina Herrera's stitching done very soft, embroidered silk or Gorgeous velvet and elegant, transparent chiffon collage together to become more colorful and classic; Diane von Furstenberg 2013 autumn and winter women's show on the use of splicing techniques are not many but very elegant, inlaid Gold coat coat cuffs, or cut into the wings of the leather pattern as a chiffon skirt waist decoration, people feel greatly increased. Recently a variety of decorative patterns have become the mainstream of fashion, another new sign of Paris is the combination of fur and printed fabrics showing a bohemian mix and match effect. Dries Van Noten and Paul & Joe soft print dress with dyed fur with harmony; Tsumori Chisato patterned fur waistcoat with the 40s printed dress, highlights the waist of the Japanese kimono belt; Lanvin this horse Cortical sexy maxi skirt with a butterfly pattern to create a strong decorative effect; John Galliano black fur and fine printed fabric stitching skirt low-key introverted; Manish Arora overall impression of the whole body is bold, but the fox fur collar striped edge Making the entire garment immediately become soft and luxurious. Sacai will be three different kinds of fur fabric on a nylon cotton pad to create a good contrast; LieSangBong and DROME are good at making a fuss in the dark gradient, LieSangBong contrast with the fabric to create a small shawl effect; Loewe Cross-stitch the fur coat with a checkered pattern. Hermés mixes the metallic and the bright red to create a daring contrast, then unifying the matt and the light with soft fur. Miss Sixty2013 autumn design, combined with the trend of today, through the brilliant gems, fantasy splicing, magic Baroque and other three themes, for everyone to restore the brand retro and sexy the true colors of the past. As a result, you will find the brand a wide range of cowboy elements in an article at the same time, but also into many such as Dingzhu, fabric stitching, gold embroidery and other avant-garde processes, as well as special plastic composite fabrics, luxurious luxury and other luxury elements.

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