How to brand legendary cowboy strength

How about legendary cowboy? Good quality, stylish models, well-designed for exquisite life, to bring comfort and beauty to enjoy. High-end quality, mid-range consumer, is definitely a worthy product. Wear excellent quality, wear a wonderful life. How about legendary cowboy? Designed for 18-48-year-old fashion, the elite who designed to denim-based boutique play, leather shoes and accessories to add to the denim fans to bring the cowboy 5S Experience Museum hitherto unknown. SAGAEP core pillars: pants, pants, shorts, hot pants, straight, micro-La, narrow feet, O-shaped, tapered, three-dimensional cut, Jeans up to them, linger. How about legendary cowboy? In the creation of innovative products and patterns, laid the supreme position in the cowboy community. Legendary Cowboy (SAGAEP) pioneered the 5S experience model in the apparel industry, triggering changes in terminal operations. SAGAEP brand launched a high-profile 5S Experience Museum, not only to the urban fashion consumer groups has brought a new fashion experience, but also to the denim industry has injected new vitality genes and wealth guidelines. Adopting the most advanced ODM (original design and manufacturing) method in the world, the company devotes itself all the time to seize the two sides of SAGAEP chain: Upstream Development and Design New, Explosion Layer! Downstream marketing brains slightly, the good news! How about legendary cowboy? Cowboy 5S Experience Center: Sales, Sparepart, Service, Survey, and Seiri's new Terminator. Legendary Cowboy (SAGAEP) 5S Experience Museum, is to make consumers' shopping a permanent pleasure to enjoy. SAGAEP has gained a good reputation among many consumers for its superior quality and considerate quality human services. Since 1997 SAGAEP has been the industry leader in the sales of SAGAEP And the trend of the cowboy vane. Legendary Cowboys (SAGAEP) now strongly invite Asia's most popular king combination "Legend of Phoenix" legendary cowboy endorsements, Phoenix legend and legendary cowboy (SAGAEP) for the vast number of consumers unprecedented dual "legendary" feeling. Legend of the cowboy how: Design advantages: hired from Guangzhou, Taiwan Known designer jeans surgeon, sharp idea, original design. Original 3D three-dimensional waist design, hip design, avoid weaknesses, fully demonstrated the human body curve. Female graceful, masculine. Fabric advantages: domestic and international famous brand manufacturers Dingzhi dyeing, delicate and comfortable, absorbent breathable. Cotton raw materials, three-dimensional staining, breaking a single, very modern fashion. More washed the more beautiful, the more the more the more taste, the more through the type! Environmental advantages: "Healthy dress" has become a trend, fabrics, workmanship, quality control, try to grasp strictly, a clothing to wear, wear long, the legendary cowboy is the environmental protection endorsements. Accessories advantages: Interlining, bags of cloth, texture thick and soft, anti-static, absorbent, acid and alkali, does not hurt the skin! Do not degumming without distortion! Wear-resistant easy to wash, not easy to stain, can not afford the ball! Production advantages: The world's most advanced professional cowboy 流水生产线, and the world's major LEVIS, Apple, D & G, Septwolves, G-STAR and other collinear production, a stitch, the details of the victory, the quality of natural excellent. Version advantages: won the Korean version of denim correction, the strength of the European and American cowboy straight firm to cover some Asians slightly bent legs, legs short, muscular calf, buttocks fall and other body defects so that the human body to achieve the best movement gesture! Color Advantages: In addition to the classic blue grinding process, cat whiskers and folds, but also innovative upgrade, launched a black, pink, yellow, green, white and other rich colors, creating a unique, refreshing, comfortable visual effects. Details of advantages: small buttons, pins, large zippers, pockets, version type, every detail are carefully considered, excellence ... ... drip is the legendary cowboy creative, quality show the big stage. Commodity advantages: legendary cowboy (SAGAEP) five years of experience in design and development of big denim, three years of exports to Europe and the United States cowboy accumulation, north and south two logistics reserve center, perennial tens of millions of stock reserves, spring and summer each year, autumn and winter twice new research and ordering, Spot orders, fast logistics to the terminal. How about legendary cowboy? Become rich and choose a good project, the pinnacle of achievement, with more than nine advantages in quality and joining have many advantages for the franchisee to provide effective protection, to create a successful career road, to achieve magnificent life. Legendary cowboy National Free Hotline: 400 -685-6799 Legendary Cowboy only official website:

This pouf is made of tibet sheep fur.The front material is the use of sheepskin and the bottom of the material is the use of micro suede. Color can be customized not only according to the customer's sample, but also according to Pantone's color.
There are a variety of sizes to choose from.

 40*40*40cm         45*45*40cm

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Tibetan Lamb Fur Pouf

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