Zhejiang Lanxi Cotton Textile Quality Inspection Center passed the examination and acceptance

Recently, Zhejiang Textile Textile Quality Inspection Center in Lanxi City passed the inspection and acceptance. The acceptance of the inspection marks that the center's testing capability has covered 120 items and parameters such as weaving, cotton yarn, towels, and clothing, and will provide strong technical services for textile enterprises in Lanxi and surrounding areas.

The inspection center will be constructed in two phases. The current phase of construction has been successfully completed. The second-phase inspection building was laid out in May this year and is expected to be put into use in 2013. Zhejiang Textile Textile Quality Inspection Center will invest 15 million yuan to build a 5,400 square meter modern state-level testing building.

The laboratory will newly build a constant temperature and humidity testing room, physical testing room, chemical analysis room, grade assessment room, ecological safety performance testing room, fiber analysis room, clothing appearance inspection room. The equipment investment reaches 4 million yuan, which is an advanced provincial inspection center in Zhejiang Province.

This is the only cotton textile quality inspection center in Zhejiang Province. It will provide strong technical support and a good service platform for the textile industry in Lanxi and the surrounding areas, which will greatly reduce the cost of corporate inspections and effectively improve the level of product quality and economic competitiveness of the textile region.

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