TH2O11 urban women's complex lead Jane trend

Brand logo Take Take Happy's first English letter as the main element, with a simple style to reflect the unrestrained, fashion brand personality, with a sky-blue to express the brand lively young, exudes avant-garde trend of the atmosphere, and The integration of goods and life, to create a new living museum concept, so that every consumer shopping at the same time extract happiness, a model of fashion consumption.

TH2O11都市女装 化繁为简引领潮流

The target consumer group of TH2O11 is mainly 20-32 year-old urban women who have high demand for fashion trends and know how to taste fashion life.

TH2O11都市女装 化繁为简引领潮流

TH2011 fashion style, fashion trends, the charm of the classic three series dedicated to consumers perfect sophisticated, elegant fashion wear. Streamlined cut, exquisite sewing, to inherit the sophisticated skills, every detail and steps are perfect, to meet the pursuit of quality of life.

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