Wynn WINNIE women reflect free happy urban fashion women's colorful life

40-year-old women forget the signs of years to make it younger and more confident. Reflect the identity of identity; 30-year-old woman more elegant, independent, individuality, Winnie WINNIE Women "people-oriented, to protect health and enhance beauty." Simple, relaxed, comfortable and natural, emphasizing environmental protection, comfort and health, trying to reflect the freedom , Happy, happy urban stylish woman in colorful life.


With bright, bright colors, more suitable for the East Asian women's color characteristics, to hide Asians dull and yellowish skin. Fresh colors bring out health and vitality. Clothing tailoring structure: clothing cut for 25-40 year-old women's body shape characteristics, simple lines, the appropriate segmentation line and more three-dimensional cutting, highlighting the feminine soft curve, covering the mature female slightly body defects.

温妮WINNIE女装  体现自由快乐都市时尚女性多姿多彩的生活

Winnie WINNIE women's pursuit of simplicity, fashion, intellectual design style; melt stylish and sophisticated costumes process, grasp the perfect embodiment of the material and technology, outstanding style and quality of different, to maximize the urban women's personality charm And the pursuit of life and the sublimation of taste, tailored according to the way of women's lives, both to meet the needs of high taste, but also to meet the industry's leisure time Yiqie needs, so that the modern trend and leisure easily the perfect combination.

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