Fashionable women wear flowers cold winter wear out to cool modern range of children

Women spend the evening picking up urban women 25-35 years old. They have a wide range of values, know how to enjoy life, willing to try, is the pursuit of fashion but also has the qualities of leisure life of women; they have a complex demand clothing, fashion and sensual pursuit of charming, like to have casual temperament and pay attention to wearing comfort; Their understanding of fashion is neither exaggerated nor conservative, they desire fashion with femininity and part of the publicity.


Adopted the natural fabric-oriented women's wear fabrics, comfortable breathable, hygroscopic, and outstanding environmental protection. Style to a single product portfolio, wearing strong, mutual enrichment.

朝花夕拾时尚女装 寒冷冬日穿出至酷摩登范儿

In the evening, women pick up women through the sublimation of the ideological space to understand, decomposition in the cut, manifested in the degree of clothing, quantity and style.

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