EICHITOO2012 wear new autumn and winter leisure advocate

EICHITOO brand will be the most stylish design and integration of the trend of elements for the love of fashion, young people who love to create a sophisticated modern urban style. EICHITOO provides men and women wear series, divided into Urban and Casual two directions, Urban series focus on the trend of the design models with the season's popular colors, to create a stylish charm wearing colored; Casual series is casual design with texture material , Creating a simple and comfortable style without losing the sense of sophistication. EICHITOO, love fashion, love outstanding! EICHITOO clothing from the urban lifestyle and fashion found in the inspiration, exquisite style reveals excellent texture, fashionable stylish design exudes modern urban temperament, in the dress to show personal confidence and elegant charm, highlighting the brand pursuit of young, confident, Optimistic attitude to life.

Stay comfortable with St. Edenweiss Pure Cashmere Accessories – Cashmere Blend Gloves, cashmere blend hats, Cashmere Blend Socks , as well as Cashmere Blend Scarf, hat & glove set. Designed for good looks and crafted to keep you comfortable, each piece is the perfect blend of necessity and accessory. Whether the sun is blazing or it`s snowing, you`ll want to have that stylish piece within reach. No other accessory is so iconic. One of these cozy pieces makes it easier to brave winter`s worst, keeping precious heat close, and looking terrific, too. Whether you need a piece for year round or one of our more seasonal accessories, we have a piece that is sure to suit your style and keep you comfortable.

Top important to us is the quality of everything we produced. All our garments come from our own factory, so we can monitor every aspect of production from start to finish. We are passionate about our business and what we produce, we hope this is reflected in the quality of each finished garment.

Cashmere Blend Accessories

Cashmere Blend Accessories,Cashmere Blend Gloves,Cashmere Blend Hats,Cashmere Blend Socks

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