Green Marketing: Change, Conflict and Strategic Choice

Green Marketing: Change, Conflict and Strategic Choice The basic concept of modern marketing is "taking consumers' needs as the starting point and destination of business activities." If we say that this idea is relative to the previous concept of production, product concept, and marketing concept, it is an enterprise's business ideology. Then, the concept of green marketing will set off a new "business management field." **". This new marketing campaign has just opened its prelude, and its scope, coverage, and depth and breadth of influence will be incomparable to the evolution of previous marketing concepts. This paper attempts to explore the mechanism of change from the historical process of the emergence and evolution of this concept, grasp the logic and rules of its development in practice, and make practical and feasible strategic choices according to the actual needs of our country.

I. "Green Marketing": The Basis and Characteristics of Change The so-called "green marketing" refers to the fact that society and enterprises are fully aware of the increasing environmental awareness of consumers and the resulting need for clean, pollution-free products. Discover, create and select market opportunities, and satisfy the needs of consumers and the development of social ecological environment through a series of rationalized marketing methods to achieve sustainable development. The core of green marketing is to select and determine the strategy of marketing mix based on environmental protection and ecological principles. It is a business model based on green technology, green market and green economy that responds to human ecological concerns. Green marketing is not a means of inducing consumer spending, nor is it a “cosmetic law” in which companies shape the public image. It is a process that leads to continuous development and sustainable management. Its ultimate goal is to obtain business opportunities in the process of resolving environmental crises. At the same time of realizing corporate profits and consumer satisfaction, we must achieve a harmonious relationship between man and nature and coexistence and common prosperity.

The revolution of green marketing has the following remarkable features:

First, green marketing takes the concept of green culture as its value orientation. Faced with increasingly serious environmental imbalances such as ecological imbalances, atmospheric pollution and biological extinction, people are increasingly aware of the deep cultural values ​​behind the appearance of industrial development and the consequences of scientific and technological sequelae. The different cultural attitudes of a country and a nation to the natural environment will affect its ecological status macroscopically. The “integration of heaven and man” model of oriental comprehensive thinking will gain modern significance, and “green culture” will become the basic cultural paradigm for the future of harmonious development and coexistence and co-prosperity between man and nature. With the popularization of environmental education, ecological concepts and green consciousness will permeate every aspect of human life and become an important factor that influences future social, political, economic, and cultural development.

Second, accompanied by green marketing is the transformation of the entire social economic concept and economic behavior. Today, we generally feel that it is the over-predatory consumption mode and unsustainable production methods that have caused this kind of environmental crisis to the survival and development of mankind. Traditional production methods and corporate behavior lack ecological concepts. The pursuit of one-of-a-kind, one-time, high-efficiency and high-speed economic growth will inevitably lead to environmental pollution and ecological destruction. The harsh reality requires us to pursue our economic goals from pure pursuit. The dual goals of “economy-ecology” will change, and the allocation of resources will gradually shift to the “sustainable development strategy”. The behavior of enterprises will become more rational, restrained, and reasonable.

Again, green marketing is based on a completely new production approach. The production methods of the modern society increasingly require a choice between two different technical approaches. “Black technology” is the machine, petroleum, and electronic circuits left behind by traditional industries, while the “green technology” is based on ecological engineering and genetic engineering. Combining emerging areas.

Although black technology will never be abandoned, as “green technology” (or “greenization of high technology”) gradually takes the lead in human production, one involves environmental coordination, clean and pollution-free. "Green industry" will be on the stage of the 21st century, which will lead to a fundamental change in the mode of human production. At present, the rise of "green products" and "green markets" is unstoppable. Although China started late, it has developed rapidly, and it has the advantages of a vast market and low cost, and is expected to emerge in a new round of international competition. 21st century market trends.

Finally, the realization of green marketing depends on the participation and interaction of governments, businesses and consumers. With the improvement of human ecological consciousness and the pursuit of quality of life, people not only emphasize the importance of environmental protection, but also work hard to put it into action. First, national governments play an important role in this green operation. As environmental and ecological issues are more of a major issue involving national, national interests, and macroeconomic development, they must be affected by the process of global integration. Therefore, the government will undoubtedly play a leading role in this action; consumers Because of its vital interests, the degree of concern for green marketing will continue to increase with the improvement of its economic conditions. They are the direct beneficiaries of green marketing activities, and their demand scale directly restricts the research and development of green products. The capitalist nature of profit-making has once caused the “marketing myopia” that has hindered the development of enterprises. However, under the situation of increasingly serious environmental pollution, the production methods of enterprises have been more and more severely controlled. The cultivation of the green market is undoubtedly related to the future development of the company. Important direction. The common participation and positive interaction of the three parties is an important feature of this new marketing approach. Lack of any of the three, green marketing will suffer setbacks.

Second, the conflict between the logic of corporate behavior and the reality of green marketing However, we are faced with a "dilemma" problem: there is a real conflict between corporate behavior and green marketing between environmental protection and economics. From the traditional point of view of economics, the goal of corporate behavior is to maximize profit - mainly the immediate profit, and the actual business decisions of the enterprise will affect long-term profits.

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