Enjoy wealth, win-win world 2013 Jennifer underwear Jinan wealth summit fully opened

Cheap underwear , the national chain to break the traditional business profiteering marketing model, with a small amount of profit launched "international parity volume" mode "consultant + experiential marketing" business strategy, the whole point of output, worry and effort, butler service, Station supplier expert guidance, easy business, sit wealth! Meeting Address: No. 88 Jingyi Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province (Pearl and International Hotel) Jinan Railway Station exit on the right along the station street 200 meters to the left crossroads. Jennifer 2013 underwear in Jinan Fortune Summit invites you to come.


Eight advantages lock the industry leader One. Decoration advantages
1. Corporate Planning Department of all terminal stores filled with image design
2. Engineering Department of the local shop for a separate renovation cost budget
3. The company's engineering department to decorate the supervision of the entire shop decoration supervision and guidance
4. Decoration materials, decoration workers local procurement and hiring, control decoration costs
Second, the advantages of replenishment
1. The company implemented the spot system, does not require customer orders, sales replenishment
2. The company is divided into 24 bands each year on the goods, style innovation, the monthly renewal of goods, sufficient goods, guaranteed supply
3. Replenishment of the main customers, each replenishment company will be given to the distribution of new trial marketing, so that the terminal stores sufficient goods, so that customers always have a freshness
4. The company all the new goods distributed customers can transfer 100%, do not worry too much inventory problems, direct solution to customer inventory pressure and business risk
5. The company implemented a system of reissuing goods by the number of units, opening a precedent for the industry, to solve the problem of customer terminal stores are afraid of inventory replenishment, directly reduce the customer's inventory risk and financial pressure
Third, the logistics advantage
1. Yiwu, one of the largest distribution centers in the world, is the city with the most convenient, efficient, fast and safe logistics in China
2. The company has its own transport team, the quickest, the shortest possible time to the customer required goods to the relevant freight site
Four. Operating advantages
1. The company has decades of domestic underwear production and sales experience, China's consumer habits and have a deep understanding of the concept
2. The company has Shanghai R & D center, grasp the fashion trends for the first time, make the product more competitive
3. The company has two product planning centers in Shantou, Guangzhou and Yiwu, Zhejiang, which can adjust and grasp the product trend at any time. The first time to develop the most appropriate product for sale and solve the problem of product supply
4. The company introduced the successful underwear management overseas marketing model, with a first-class marketing team
Five. Join advantage
1. The company operates in the mode of parity sale mode, complete product series, broad consumer groups, large market capacity
2. The company shop to volume-based, shop location space, flagship stores, regular stores, community stores can operate
3. The company implemented the spot system, control inventory risk, small investment returns fast
4. The rapid development of the company, shop fast, shop more, set off each other to increase the ratio of old customers, high advertising efficiency
Advertising advantages
1. The Company will continue to launch a series of advertisements in newspapers, magazines, internet and strong media to enhance brand awareness and reputation
2. "Jennifer" carefully crafted image materials, advertising materials, sales props to franchisees have some distribution, free design terminal plans, three-dimensional renderings, etc.
Seven staff advantages
1. Companies from time to time to send professionals under the shop visits, timely adjustment of store management, improve store performance, to ensure store sex
2. From time to time to provide customers with shop management solutions, shopping guide to the resident training, promotion activities, complaints tracking and other services, so as to promote through terminal activities and other powerful means of profitable shop level
Eight. Service advantages
1. The company will establish Jennifer Terminal Management Institute, mainly for the company and terminal training of professional management personnel and management personnel
2. The company has a professional operating team, dedicated to helping customers improve store performance
3. The company's marketing staff can help customers choose and control the establishment of points

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