Autumn and winter windbreaker should be how with

Into the autumn and winter, windbreaker, of course, is a must have a single product! Whether it is just cover the length of the buttocks, or long knees, are common styles of autumn and winter windbreaker. With pencil pants or hip skirt package is a good choice. So, how to make the coat with the best effect, take a look at it.


(Source: Ni Er wheat fall 2013 new product)

This dark light-sensitive material trench coat, simple and atmospheric. Take a number of light-colored primer shirt, such as lemon yellow to enhance the color with the effect. With the short section of the package hip skirt even more with the sense of hierarchy.


(Source: Ni Er wheat fall 2013 new product)

Tweed material coat is given more warmth. Quick neat cut follow the simple style, big pocket design brings more pragmatism. The same through the sharp contrast of colors to enhance the color with. In the autumn and winter are also the most time with.

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