The bed products are washed and ironed to have a bactericidal effect.

Core Tip: Sheet quilt cover is a household item that we need to touch every day, which is equivalent to close-fitting clothing. Many people throw them into the washing machine directly when they are cleaning, and then take them out to dry. Can this method be completely sterilized? Let's take a look at the right approach.

When most people wash the sheets and cover them, they are thrown into the washing machine, washed and dried, and then dried and stored. In fact, this may not completely eliminate the germs on the bedding products, and sometimes bring more risk factors to health due to improper washing and secondary pollution. In order to thoroughly clean and disinfect the bedding, there are three main steps: washing, drying and ironing.

wash. Soak for 15 minutes before washing the bed, the water temperature is about 30 °C, the amount of water should not be 10 cm or so, and some washing liquid with sterilization function can be selected appropriately. In addition, if the dirt in the inner tank of the washing machine, the scale attached to the interlayer, the detergent free, the clothing fiber, etc. are not cleaned in time, the washing machine is likely to breed a large amount of bacteria and is brought to the human body through the clothes. The investigation showed that the mold detection rate in the inner tank of the washing machine was 60.2%, and the detection rate of the coliform group was 100%. Therefore, the washing machine should be thoroughly cleaned every two months: first add water to the high water level, then add special detergent, let the machine run for 5 minutes to fully dissolve the detergent, turn off the power for 1 hour, then clean the body according to the daily washing mode. .

show. After washing, the sheets should not be placed in the house to dry, it is best to take them to the sun to dry, use the ultraviolet rays in the sun to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Need to be reminded that it is best to change the face every 4 hours; it is best to turn the sheets over the cover before drying to prevent the fading caused by direct sunlight.

Ironing. It is best to iron it with an electric iron before storage, which can eliminate the bacteria that have not been removed or re-contaminated during washing and drying. The optimum temperature for ironing cotton sheets is 170 ° C, the silk fabric is about 120 ° C, the polyester fabric is about 130 ° C, and the hemp fabric is below 100 ° C. The order of ironing is to first hot the opposite side, then hot the front. Do not fold and fold up immediately after ironing. It should be hung up and completely dissipated the hot air before it can be put into the cabinet.

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