Wearing sandals in a rainy day and carefully wearing "plastic shoes syndrome"

[This site - shoes and life] from the end of June, it entered the rainy season, the showers every day, so many people choose to wear plastic boots and plastic sandals go out. Recently, however, some citizens have reported that after wearing plastic shoes, the athlete's foot was particularly itchy and treated according to beriberi, but it was found that the foot was serious. In this regard, the doctor explained that this is wearing plastic shoes allergies, is a "plastic shoes syndrome", not beriberi, the two are very different.

Wearing plastic shoes in the rain got foot disease

Face the pit road, we choose to wear plastic shoes. The citizen Mr. Chen said that his family lived on Youth Road. As long as it rained, he would accumulate a lot of water in front of the road. In order to avoid soiling shoes, he had to wear plastic sandals to go out. However, in recent days, he has found that his ankles are stinking every day. He feels itchy on his toes. He thinks he has been beriberi, and he bought beriberi water to spray it, but it is getting more and more serious.

"Plastic shoes syndrome" is not beriberi

Well, what exactly is going on here? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed experts of the hand and foot, and the other said that recently they had seen several patients, at first glance thought it was "beriberi," but after a period of treatment, it was discovered that No, it has even worsened. After inspection, it was found that this is "allergic dermatitis in plastic shoes", also known as "plastic shoes syndrome."

This disease has certain characteristics, according to experts, generally wear plastic shoes, in 10 days to 20 days, there will be allergic reaction, which is a type of post-consciousness, the main site of the disease is The skin is in close contact with the shoe, symmetrical about the shape of the shoe. Because the keratinized skin is thick and hard, the sensitized substances are difficult to infiltrate, and therefore the disease is rare.

The performance of plastic shoes dermatitis varies in severity, with only light skin flushing and pruritus; severe cases with erythema, papules, or blisters, erosions, yellow water, and scabs.

Can not heal without wearing plastic shoes

Why did you wear plastic shoes? This reporter inquired about the main components of plastic shoes. It is understood that plastic shoes are mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, and then added with various plasticizers and pressed to form. Sprayed with paint before making colorful plastic sandals or slippers. However, the above chemical substances are all irritating and are themselves "allergens."

Treatment of plastic shoes allergic dermatitis, first of all do not touch plastic shoes, light can be self-healing. Or wear socks and keep the skin from direct contact with plastic shoes. This disease will not recur.

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