Collection of jade needs to "see the face"

The highest-priced jadeite auction in the mainland jewelry auction market—the 28 million yuan Ruyi jade ornaments, was auctioned in Shanghai on August 28. There are also many jadeite boutiques for auction, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Different from other crafts, the more valuable the jade is, the jade will win with its texture and production process.

In the 1990s, Jade began to be active in the field of folk collections. In the past 10 years, the price of jade has increased several times on average, and some treasures have risen several times. At the 1999 Christie's Autumn Auction in Hong Kong, an oval egg-shaped jade ring was sold for HK$18.5 million.

It can be seen from the trend of the jade market in recent years that domestic collectors pay more attention to the old jade art, and the market of contemporary jade art is not very ideal. In fact, the value of jadeite is not necessarily judged by the age of the age. In addition to the choice of pure natural products, the collection of jade also pays attention to "species", "color", "water head" and so on.

"Plant", that is, the texture and structure of jadeite, the finer the texture, the more crystal clear the jade; the "color" refers to the color, the color is positive, the thick, the green is the top; the "water head" is the transparency, the luster is crystal clear, transparent Clear is the top grade. The so-called "glass type" refers to the jade with high transparency.

In recent years, as the resources of jade jade materials have become less and less, the output of high-end boutique products has become less and less, but the growth of market demand has formed a situation in which the price of high-end jade art is constantly rising. At some foreign auctions, tens of thousands of yuan of jade jewelry are not uncommon.

The valuation of a jade product is mainly determined by five aspects: germplasm, color, size, defects and craftsmanship. For example, the "peony flower" ornaments that appeared this time, in addition to the good texture, the symmetry of the green color, and the large materials, the completion is also very exquisite. A yellow skin on the right side of the head from the beginning to the end, symbolizing "one boom in the end", ten separate. The size of the ornaments is 762 × 558.8 × 203.2 mm, weighs 93 kg, and is estimated to be 1.8 million to 2.8 million.

The general line generally divides jade into three categories: A goods, B goods, and C goods.

A cargo jade is a pure natural product. The material of B jadeite contains more impurities and is turbid in color. Some jade chambers use strong acid to process B jade, but the jade treated in this way has poor durability. C goods jade refers to the jade that has been dyed. There is also a B+C product, which is processed through various treatments. Only A cargo jade is valuable.

In the collection of jadeite, those with strong funds should use the classic set of jewelry or art ornaments as the preferred variety, and the required funds range from several hundred thousand yuan to more than one million yuan. Small and medium-sized investors should focus on single-piece or small-set jewelry, and the required funds are about 10,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

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