Vintage fashion attitude DEPOT 3 creative director Wan Yi interview

July 11-13, the annual Shenzhen Trade Fair opened as scheduled, major clothing brands competing appearances, young fashion pioneer brand DEPOT 3 dressed in the show, to express their young attitude. China Beauty Network reporter into the DEPOT3 brand exhibition hall, and was honored to interview DEPOT 3 Creative Director Mr. Wan Yi, his modest and sincere attitude so that reporters admire. Next, with the Chinese Beauty Network live coverage, come together to experience the retro fashion DEPOT 3 attitude.

执物 - DEPOT3

China Beauty Network: Master total Hello, may I ask DEPOT 3 how many times to participate in clothing exhibition?

Million total: Last year we have to participate in Beijing Fashion Show, Shenzhen Fashion Show is our first time to participate!

China Beauty Network: That the theme of our exhibition design is what?

Master Wan: The theme of our pavilion design is a space for art exhibitions. We have an image playing in the pavilion which is a play of the theme concept of autumn 2013 for us.

China Beauty Network: So what is the difference between this exhibition hall and before?

Million General: The booth positioning more clearly, before the show we are all presented a brand image of the store's image, a simulation shop, and this year we highlight the brand concept, promote our own brand.

China Beauty Network: In addition to the Shenzhen Trade Fair, DEPOT 3 have to participate in what industry events and activities?

Million total: Tell the truth is not yet, though our brand has done 4 years, but we have been focusing on improving product quality and design, improve, this year we plan to promote in the out, but certainly with our own brand of product phase Combination, we hope to achieve the most consumers most in demand clothing, first do a good job of themselves, to ensure that every consumer is responsible.

China Beauty Network: We all know DEPOT 3 is an original designer brand, can we talk about the specific DEPOT 3 this brand style and positioning? (Concept and characteristics of retro light fashion)

Million total: Our brand positioning is "retro light fashion", retro itself is the classic fashion, but also our brand DNA has been the same element, and as we learn new knowledge, we always need to look back Look, this is our natural feature. The definition of light fashion, is like light food, it may not be like eating a big meal, but not a fast food, our brand is not a first-class high-end brand, we always insist on the original, adhere to the quality of the fabric, adhere to the clothing The comfort, the price is also very high!

China Beauty Network: DEPOT 3 roughly how the market price?

Total: Our terminal price is the highest 3000 yuan

China Beauty Network: Compared with the ordinary clothing brand, DEPOT 3 biggest features and advantages of what?

Million total: In fact, the advantages are not ourselves, but should be affirmed by consumers, distributors, I personally think that has always insisted on the original bar, with distinct uniqueness. Like every subway in the country are the same, but all have their own characteristics in foreign countries, our own brand to know what they are doing, and then adhere to this principle, go.

China Beauty Network: So the products displayed in the pavilion is our new autumn and winter 2013? Tell us about the characteristics and trends of this fall and winter wear?

Million total: Yes, we are riding a vintage this season, continuation of our usual simple profile and retro fashion design, in the fabric, design details, for riding this element of sport to use more. But no matter how the theme of each season changes, our main design principles and styles will not change.

China Beauty Network: It is precisely because of such outstanding design has attracted the attention of many visitors, that visitors into the exhibition hall, they are more concerned about what DEPOT 3 content?

Wan total: Franchisee's words are more concerned about joining conditions, just this afternoon when a Shenyang, Zhengzhou, a dealer, said he liked DEPOT 3, but a new brand to be imported into the mall when the pressure will be faced bigger. In fact, the mall should also have some support for the new brand, if there is no support, then into any one mall are the same, so lost the fun of shopping.

China Beauty Network: That distribution of DEPOT 3 in the current national distribution network is like?

Million total: in the second half of this year, we will have a lot of new stores to be opened, but we do not have a very strong publicity for the brand to join, we hope we can steady, our company has a certain amount of control the number of open shop, we hope to bring Each franchisee is wholeheartedly supportive, so that each franchisee can successfully start a business.

China Beauty Network: In what next year will focus on the development of the region?

Master: In addition to South China, Shanghai and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are our key development areas.

China Beauty Network: That for the new franchisee, we will have what policy?

Million total: I say every year to limit the number of joining, but also a kind of regional protection and the all-round support for the franchisee, we hope to sign a successful one ~

China Beauty Network: chat DEPOT 3, we talk about yourself, how many years of your own fashion design?

Million total: In fact, that is 4 years, because I was learning art.

China Beauty Network: All the art lovers exude an artistic atmosphere, that you engaged in the apparel industry for so many years, the biggest difficulties encountered is what? How do you overcome it?

Million total: the difficulties of each stage will be, in fact, not difficult, is the stage of brand development must go through, and now this stage, our brand has just started, in terms of market development is that we need to enhance the stage.

China Beauty Network: Your chief designer for DEPOT 3, certainly have their own unique insights for the fashion industry, can we talk about the principles you have been adhered to in the design?

Total: The main point, no matter how the brand style change, but do wear real, good to wear, comfortable clothes This is the most important. The most important thing is to make clothes quality.

China Beauty Network: You say the voice of the vast number of consumers, then you from artist to designer of this identity change, talk about your feelings?

Million total: In fact, I really like myself as a designer, the artist is responsible for raising questions expressed in their works, not responsible for solving the problem; the designer is to solve the problem, how to do every detail is needed to go Solved, this is their own challenges, but also to bring consumers comfortable clothing, their hearts will be very satisfied.

China Beauty Network: Looking forward to the future planning of DEPOT 3!

Wan total: did not want to say that the development of very much, but you want steady progress step by step.

China Beauty Network: You simply introduce our team of designers it!

Million total: Now our brand in addition to me also has five young designers, they are very good, in the four years of growth and progress with them, really happy, including the exhibition hall, although the concept is I proposed, but the layout of the exhibition hall, the details of the design, we all work together, really like them.

China Beauty Network: What to say to your team?

000 total: happy, happy the most important, and then these few designers have always been invested, but life continues to move forward, I hope they can have been happy, we progress together!