Kagoya three children's clothing perfect show mid-summer series to see you

"Kach House" high-end children's wear brand, based on modern and stylish style of Japan and South Korea combined with the design of the Chinese market demand for 3-15-year-old children launched cool, retro, Symphony of the three major styles of products to flexibly show children different Personality and style, for every child to perform their own wonderful childhood to provide brilliant costume choice. Retro Series: The main elements of nostalgic vintage, clever use of the design of the arts and crafts and minimalist style, emphasizing the visual and tactile sense of the overall luxury, to create nostalgic and stylish children's clothing style. Retro, fashion is never outdated, while the interpretation of children's classical, romantic side. Cool series: mainly black and white red and yellow four-tone, adding punk or metal elements to be embellished, low-key combination of color tone with exquisite fabrics to create a simple texture, matte and luster effect echoes, showing a unique three-dimensional , The cool side of children get the perfect annotation. Symphony series: distinctive color hopping, using a variety of different colors of fabric to add unique technology to create a strong contrast effect, multiple colors collide with each other to maximize the visual sense of the children's movement and vitality demonstrated.

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