The continuous increase in the overall cost is worrying that foreign textile companies reluctantly give up the long single order

Taking advantage of the pressure of appreciation, many Zhejiang textile and textile enterprises participated in the Canton Trade Fair, which ended last week. However, compared with the harvested orders, it is more anxious for them to absorb the comprehensive costs of exchange rate changes. Right now, foreign trade companies are very cautious about the long list.

Taizhou Hanfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the export of handicrafts. The manager of the company Hong told reporters that the average profit is now less than 1 yuan for each ordinary product exported. If the delivery period and the closing period are extended, the profits will be reduced due to the appreciation of ***.

The exchange rate is very close to sales. For example, a foreign trade company has annual sales of 10 million U.S. dollars, calculated at 10 million U.S. dollars. On January 1, 2011, the U.S. dollar exchange rate was 6.62, and 10 million U.S. dollars could be exchanged for 66.2 million U.S. dollars; On the 29th of the new exchange rate of 1 US dollar against ***6.499 yuan to calculate, 10 million US dollars can be exchanged *** 49.99 million yuan, a short period of 3 months, the difference between the *** exchanged to 1.21 million.

The *** appreciation has broken the hope of many foreign trade companies to “complete more than three or five fights”. "How much is the appreciation of ***, the company's cost will rise directly." When asked about the *** exchange rate, most corporate leaders sigh again and again. For the whole year of 2010, the appreciation of the *** against the US dollar was 3.1%. Less than a quarter of the cost of the renminbi appreciation can be passed on to merchants, most of them are absorbed by export companies, and profit margins have dropped significantly.

“The price increase of raw materials and the appreciation of *** have made it very cautious for customers to place orders. In the past, five or six thousand orders have now become one thousand small orders.” Foreign Trade Minister of Zhejiang Feisite Clothing Co., Ltd. said that the company is now It is to avoid risks through the validity period of quotation and the elastic exchange rate. In addition to the appreciation of the merchants, the company's appreciation has become a “hot potato”.

"Small businesses are not accurate on the trend of ***. They are worried that the more they sign, the more they lose." The relevant person of the Hangzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau frankly stated that the current gross profit margin of textile and garment enterprises is only about 3 to 5%. The single delivery and settlement period lasts for six months or one year. It is understood that most of the orders received by most companies are within 3 months of delivery and settlement, and those with long delivery deadlines can only give up.

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