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Xuan according to Korean women supply network is located located in the famous Chinese garment production capital of Guangzhou. Is a collection production and sales as one of the large-scale e-commerce wholesale clothing agent to join the site, in Hangzhou Evergreen and evergreen markets and Guangzhou thirteen stalls have a chain of women's wholesale sales stalls to the production and sale of women's mainly. Set up factories, warehouses, all goods stock, now combined with the entity and e-commerce development model through advanced Internet platform to reduce the flow of links for all parts of the country clothing retailers and distributors to provide affordable clothing sources. Korean by Xuan women's wholesale network brand "Korean by Xuan" is a Guangzhou "carbofuran" clothing registered trademark.

韩语依轩 打造靓丽夏季的绝佳单品

As the main way to sell products for customer's network ordering, Korean-based clothing wholesale network has all the functions to facilitate customers' independent operation. Customers can complete their own orders on the site, check inventory, order status, modify orders, order follow-up and other operations. Website registration brand Korean By Xuan in similar products has always maintained the quality advantage, Korean by Xuan Women Wholesale Network adhere to the corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the development of enterprises to establish a good social image. "Never far away from the line, the pursuit of endless." Welcome agent to join cooperation.

韩语依轩 打造靓丽夏季的绝佳单品

Quality - Korean By Xuan Xuan Right There will not exist shoddy, use pictures to cheat consumers, our own factory, and strive to quality first, best service, all pictures using real models, in-kind shooting. Style - about 4 times a month to update the site's products, all the latest models at any time on-line for customers to browse orders. Price - Korean By Xuan to the best discount development of the wholesale price, the maximum profit to the customer, in order to establish long-term and stable cooperation with customers, to achieve the scale of profits. Services - In addition to constantly enriching varieties, improving quality and lowering prices, Korean-based Xuan also continuously improves its services and will better follow up orders from wholesale operations to full service support.

Crystal Glass Bead is cut by auto machine with perfect polish and well cut surface, Grade AAA with competitive price, the best quality is our advantage to make our commodity to sales to all over the world, It's have pass to SGS and BV text, and keep to give the health guarantee for all our client, The beautiful crystal beads choose XiongYue Crystal Manufactory, and will try our best to service for you.

We are Chinese crystal beads manufactory specialized in Crystal Glass Beads , Crystal Pendant Beads ,Irregular Jewelry Bead,Crystal Beaded Jewelry and Millefiori Glass Beads.

green bicon crystal beadsglass faceted round bead

Bicone, faceted round,rondel, olive and teardrop which are always popular.

Most of people will use these beads in their necklace,bracelet and earings.

Our company founded in 1999,we have been in crystal beads area for years.

===About Us===

Xiongyue Crystal Manufactory is a company who is focused on the production and sales of crystal glass beads, chandelier accessory, Crystal Beaded Curtain for jewelry making and decoration.

Ensure primary sources, High quality and Competitive price.

===Product Range===

Crystal Chain series

Crystal Curtain series

Lighting/Chandelier accessories

Jewelry beads series

Faceted Beads series

Glossy beads series

Coating beads series, etc.


Our products are widely applicable to: all over the hotel decoration, KTV entertainment decoration, cafe salon decoration, exhibition layout, stage layout and home decoration, wedding decor ect

Crystal Glass Beads

Crystal Glass Beads, Crystal Pendant Beads, Irregular Jewelry Bead, Crystal Beaded Jewelry, Millefiori Glass Beads

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