Xin Qi children fashion to create a small ladies and gentlemen

The xinqier brand provides fashionable, comfortable and elegant high-quality clothes for a new generation of children with strong sense of self-expression and teamwork spirit. Its main products cover the middle and high-end consumer groups aged 3-11 (Spring and summer: 70 -350 yuan, autumn and winter equipment: 80 -800 yuan); Xinqi always have to create China's best fashion children's clothing brand for business goals! Xinqi children fashion children's clothing, is committed to creating a small ladies and gentlemen! Has a strong familiar style white plush vest, highlighting the cute and innocent little girl, a touch of pink shirt and Peacock blue skirt, the perfect hit color , Wipe out elegant little ladies style Oh. Little white cotton coat is not very Fan Han it? Simple and atmospheric design, with a touch of beige and clever waist design, so that the little boy blooms out like a man-like gentleman charm in the Korean Oh.

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