QUEEN'D casual leisure home service feel elegant and refined every day

Chun degrees , will be derived from the perception of quality of life, with pure natural fabrics, with pure and elegant pure colors, with simple and stylish design style, interpretation of women's wear at home can wear out the understanding. Taste your life with the scenery, feel elegant and refined every day.

淳度 - QUEEN’D

Chun-One-Piece one-piece jumpsuit, without the other you can easily solve this problem, taking into account the fashion style, whether in the afternoon garden or lazy home, complement each other. The use of sophisticated fabrics, combined with soft colors, to retain the relaxed home service, into the trend of the cut, comfortable and stylish and keep up, whether it is home or go out, without cumbersome changing procedures, you can easily access, easy to get.

QUEEN’D淳度休闲家居服  感受优雅精致的每一天

Cold and warm collide of the two colors, virtually add a touch of life vitality, flying dynamic makes people happy, big kangaroo pocket can all the troubles all "bag" walk, leaving only comfortable and relaxed happy time ; Inadvertent clothing posing with a carefully carved traces of witness to the quality of excellence; Girth widening waist, with drawstring design, clever waist, abdomen lines, fold pleat closure, extending leg lines, casual without losing the fashion .

Changxing Baihong nonwoven fabric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Taihu coast, Hongxing Bridge Industrial Park, Changxing County, Zhejiang. Over twenty years experience of production and industrial chain advantages of Adhesive Interlining, the company has made a high starting point at the beginning of the both woven and non-woven fabric line.

The company has achieved the annual production capacity of two thousand tons of multi-purpose hot-rolled non-woven fabrics each year and product gram weight range from  16 gsm to80 gsm.

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