Is crystal glassware harmful to the human body?

Is crystal glassware harmful to the human body? What kind of crystal glass meal is poisonous? What kind of choice should I choose when shopping?

When people visit supermarkets, they often notice that many colorful crystal glasses can be used to hold fruit salads and salad dishes. They are stylish and beautiful. However, there are some consumers who have such doubts: Are these crystal glass products containing lead and are used to hold foods harmful to human health?

General crystal products will contain 20 to 30 percent of lead oxide. The use of these crystals to contain acidic foods such as fruit juices, honey, colas, etc. will cause harm to the human body because of the easy formation of acidic solutions in the presence of lead ions. Lead salts, dissolved in beverages or food, are ingested by humans and harm human health. However, if this crystal product is used to hold water, it will not cause lead poisoning.

Therefore, in the purchase of "crystal glass" tableware, to distinguish between lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass, there are many ways, we can through its appearance, feel, sound, etc. to identify.

Generally, it is a common glass product that has a poor hand feeling, rough workmanship, poor refractive index, and dim color. Ordinary glass products, and even some places there are bubbles. The crystal glass feels good to the touch, fine workmanship, strong refractive index, bright color, metallic sound. In addition, the same volume, shape, size, two lead-free crystal glass and lead crystal glass, lead-free crystal glass lighter.

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