Aini Song fashion underwear pursuit of the perfect choice

Aini Song adhere to the aesthetic taste-driven, low-key luxury products, simple fashion, European and American style for the design concept. Striving for perfection in design and craftsmanship, breaking through all the limitations and obstacles to highlight the texture and comfort.


In addition to modified body line, comfortable fit and style is also an important element of choice underwear . Style and focus on the side without pressure, coupled with removable chest pad, effectively enhance the care and focus on functionality. Look and look with lace and satin, the effect of Rococo artistic delicacy, beautiful feeling.

艾妮歌时尚内衣  追求完美的不二选择

Clever use of such as wave tide waves of delicate, elegant lace, through the collision color of the way, the more prominent decorative chest curve beauty; accompanied by skin-friendly milk silk fabric and three-dimensional cup design is the feel and style On the same time the pursuit of the perfect choice.

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