Can not miss the wild green shoes in early spring

Ben February 4 hearing, gem (special store) Green is the world's color authority released 2013 popular colors, as a versatile wild neutral color, suitable for any season match, even the stars and Influxes are also very fond of it. Let's take a look at some of these green shoes in the spring and summer 2013 season.

In the spring of 2013, the Korean version of the fine-heeled shoes is very delicate. The suede with a pinkish green color is just right (special store). It is a very eye-catching tone, but it is not exaggerated. It is super nice to have a simple long skirt or small dress.

Korean version of the pointed stiletto heeled shoes is a very good-looking, slim-cut look. The inner side of the notch is neatly trimmed, and jeans, skirts, and dresses can be worn.

Sweet wind rough heel shoes, simple and have a range of children, the design of the strap is very good, especially comfortable to wear, basic design, very wild, thick waterproof platform, wearing a more secure and comfortable.

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