Shanshan children's wear motorcycle rock leather hit you still HOLD live it?

Shanshan children's wear in the use of style and color will be the international trends and characteristics of Chinese children combined with European-style fashion expression of children's natural, confident, youth, self-life atmosphere. Product positioning in the high-end, affordable, cater to the popular domestic consumer boys leather garments, leading the fashion trend. Stand collar design attention to detail, the appearance of leather with one piece of leather, the use of multiple car line technology, the leather motorcycle full flavor, interior with knit rib collar, both warm and windproof, but also increase the comfort of the baby's neck; machine Multi-pocket models accompanied by brand metal fasteners, three-dimensional sense of strong, so that the whole piece of tide flavor of leather. Continue locomotive rock leather wind, small suit collar design, so that the princess more sweet, diagonal zipper closure, accompanied by metal full of high quality zipper, but also allows the little princess to wear leather, handsome spirit; cuffs with knit rib + Regular jacket design, both play a role in warm wind, but also the whole leather motorcycle taste the design style.

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