Charlie Brothers and children share the experience of stocking

In the first month, the weather is still colder. The babies are still wearing winter clothes, and the spring and autumn clothes have been put on since February. Outgoing suits during this season are a busy season. By the end of March, the sales season is basically over. From around March 10 To start to stop the purchase, began to shop out of service, twenty days down, basically the same promotion. Therefore, the time of purchase must take a good grasp of that degree, how to purchase, into what goods shopkeeper should be clear, and now Charlie Brothers children's clothing and share the experience of the next purchase. Looking for reference, avoid weaknesses. When the decision of the style of their own shops, go looking for those regular children's clothing wholesalers (to have a physical store, the first time you can go to the store to play, to avoid being fooled, the best location in the children's wear wholesale market, so children's clothing purchase costs Will be very low), from his price positioning and style, but also pay special attention to which styles are more hot, when you read a few, and to sum up their strengths, you have more confidence in their own shop, The idea is clearer. Children's autumn sales season, is a crazy season, the specific sales date during the National Day holiday, weekends. At this time moderate temperature, temperature difference between day and night, full autumn selling. At this time the arrival of the National Day also announced the official opening of the children's clothing season. Consumers crazy shopping period focused on the National Day holiday, many people, high volume, but the autumn moderate price, moderate profits, it needs to cooperate with the promotion to maximize the volume, take full advantage of the National Day to run volume. Purchase Note: Although the goods come in all the carefully selected good goods, but because of the style of messy, looks like grocery store, good goods have a low price of 3 percent; plus no one seriously admired, can only wonder death. These people are not without vision, but the world is really too vulgar, they only believe the ringing, lively, superficial, external, and never tired.

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