Radiation Industry Association first responded: radiation protection clothing harmless

Recently, the statement that "radiation suits may wear but may be more harmful" caused many panic. In the morning, Shanghai Anti-EMG Industry Association together with the National Garment Standards Technical Committee and related experts engaged in research on radiation protection faced the media and made a “Explanation Meeting on Anti-electromagnetic Radiation Services”, emphasizing that pregnant women's radiation protection clothing is harmless, and that it is against electromagnetic radiation. It is effective to shield electromagnetic waves, and electromagnetic radiation suits cannot become collectors of electromagnetic waves. Consumers do not have to panic because they have been or are wearing anti-electromagnetic radiation.

According to Li Guodong, a senior engineer at the Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Measurement Technology, the accumulation of radiation energy is impossible. In fact, according to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created out of nothing. Electromagnetic waves are substances with a certain amount of energy, so the energy flow of electromagnetic waves cannot be increased from nothing.

As to why the measured electric field strength inside is rather large? Li Guodong explained that because space electromagnetic waves inherently have a standing wave phenomenon, some places have a strong wave field, and some have a small field strength. For example, if the test device is not regular, the gap between clothes and shelves is large. Electromagnetic waves form standing waves in the interior, so the field strength in individual places is rather large. This is a normal phenomenon. Even in the anechoic chamber, according to IEC 61000-4-3, the uniformity of the darkroom is allowed to have a difference of 6dB, that is, the maximum field strength can be twice the minimum field strength, let alone In an abnormal situation, for example in a non-shielded dark room with no absorbing material around, the transmitting antenna is placed on top.

Li Guodong said, “What is certain is that wearing a shielding suit is definitely no worse than not wearing it. More than 90% of electromagnetic waves can be shielded by shielding clothes. A small amount of electromagnetic waves enters the cuff from the collar, after about ten times of attenuation. 10% of the electromagnetic waves are already running out. Loss of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the body and then converted to heat, but will not cause harm to the human body. So, do not have to be afraid at all." Radiation Protection Industry Association for the first time: radiation protection clothing harmless.

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