"Wbwq" brand extraordinary extraordinary women, elegant fashion

Hong Kong Tin Shui Garments Co., Ltd. is a new type of enterprise integrating fashion design, production and sales, which is jointly invested by senior designers in Hong Kong and well-known domestic designers, and has the advanced concept of elites and unique design concepts.


In the domestic holding Shanghai Yin Nai Xiu Textile and Garments Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tiangong Clothing Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Tianrui Garment Co., Ltd. in 2002 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Investment Tianrui Garments Co., Ltd. was established in the same year, major cities in the country have opened a "wbwq" brand franchise stores and shopping malls.

“w.b.w.q”品牌女装 卓越不凡、时尚优雅


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