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In the early 1980s, you could make a fortune by setting up a stall, but many people didn't dare.
In the early 1990s, buying stocks earned money, but many people did not believe it.
In the 21st century, you can make money by opening a website, but many people don't try it.
Now is the Internet age, you can earn thousands of dollars every month when you join the Pioneer Shopping Guide. Do you want to miss it?
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Recruitment online shop agents, and / full-time no geographical education restrictions as long as the intention to do; can be as successful as we are!

Online entrepreneurship, e-commerce will become a new trend in the coming century, will change the world, change life
Do you want to do some online business, but lack the supply of best-selling goods?

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Do you want to earn some pocket money at school and lay a good foundation for graduation?

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Do you want to run around without having to rent a storefront and play computer at home?

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Are you doing business in your spare time?

Going online to get rich, acting as a wig is a way

A trace of wigs , and the success of the network business!

~ A trace of not fake: Special offer: linen BOBO 12 linen whole meatballs 17 flower è‹ž 1

Wig color: dark coffee light brown black long hair: 19
Short bobo: 15 (normal short BOBO)
Fluffy bobo: 16
Lengthen bobo: 18 (including medium and long)
Pear flower: 18
Egg roll: 20
Male hair: 20
Kill Matt: 25
Middle-aged: 20
Irregular female short hair: 20
White, golden, pink BOBO: 22
White male hair: 25
White long hair (rolled and straight): 28
Whole meatballs: 20
Big hair bag: 5
Small hair bag: 2
Five clips and hair pieces: 10
Two clips hair piece: 4
Pear flower head hair extension: 15
Liu Hai tablets: 6
Horsetail: 8
GAGA bow: 6
Princess big hair bag: 10 (only dark coffee color)

Wig accessories:
Bracket: 3
Big comb: 3 (wood comb)
Small comb: 1 (cartoon)
Advanced hair net: 1
Repair solution 100ml: 3
Repair liquid 250ml: 8
Hardcover bottle repair fluid: 10
Ordinary hair net: 1 yuan 3 ordinary hair nets: 0 only one
A care kit (stent high net 100ml care solution small comb) 8
B care kit (stent high net 250ml care solution big comb) 12
C care kit (stent high net 280ml care solution shampoo big comb) 18
Wig color card: black (natural black) dark coffee color (dark brown, deep maroon, brown, dark brown, brown red) gold brown (light brown ordinary hair net 0 ps: one can only send one ordinary hair net, plus 1 yuan Money, a few wigs will be distributed to a few ordinary hair nets. The purchase of advanced hair nets will no longer send ordinary hair nets.
(For the convenience of wearing, it is recommended to buy a high-end hair net, the ordinary hair net is a gift, if there is a miss, the company is not responsible)

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