Flowers are always red - the swimwear of the

Beautiful red flower, a symbol of the brand and quality of the same, never fade, she and the seasons buds Qunfang Yan Yan, Jiao Zi elegant.

雅黛丽 - ALDOLA

Elegant fashion brand Cyclone, allowing consumers to truly feel that there is more beautiful, elegant and beautiful, "elegant, beautiful, and elegant", expressing the eternal love memories of the brand of Adelaide, but also expressed Indulge in printing

Understand life in fashion, enjoy life in life, feel life in life, and brand of Audrey, deduce the perfectionism of life and modern artistic color vision. Because of the beautiful and elegant, Dress up perfect life wonderful, this is the brand of Alice to your blessing.


Please remember my English name: ALDOLA May your life be the same as Anthurium, flowers are always so red - Yadley.


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