Fankai Fan Kai 2012 summer new conference to enjoy

Freedom · Dream: addicted to the lake in Vienna - Fankai Vatican 2012 summer new conference to enjoy.

From November 6 to November 8, 2011, Van Cleef & Arpels Fankai's Summer 2012 Newly Launched Summer Campaign will be held at the Grand Hyatt Beijing. The most original design team led by Ms. Han Zenghui, the founder of Vatican Women's Wear , from Vianna artist Gustav Klimt Inspired by works of art, casual romanticism in the urban pastoral sense conveys dialogue and exchange with the hearts and minds of modern people.


Long stretch of the stage, the dream of space and time confrontation, breeze cool, fragrant shadows, the models who entered an unprecedented crossing. Summer. sunlight. Lake light. Light and shadow lines staggered; latitude 48 ° 13 ', longitude 16 ° 2'. European City of Arts, Vienna, Austria Vienna, leisurely tranquil, every minute of romance, banished. With a woman's unique summer of unbridled rights, comfortable fabrics and emotional and poetic design style, showing the natural, comfortable temperament, and a touch of rebellious sense of freedom to lead people back to the true self. Close to the sea of ​​romantic summer, fresh and tranquil lake, the picture shows a beautiful natural scenery, there is a different kind of fresh and elegant atmosphere and quiet simple earthly flavor.

"There is always a space for oneself to weave a dream ..." This feeling of harmony with nature, sensibility and poetic mood at that moment is joyful and joyful. It seems that love and romance are the inspirational fables in noisy and fast rhythm Of the city, set foot on the pastoral journey, spiritual hometown, looking for their own feelings. 2012 Vatican Fankai summer gorgeous fashion trend, and quiet and tranquil body wash tour, slightest hit hit, floating in the wind of the flowers, it is refreshing. Romantic trip, what else will be more heart-warming than this?

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