VIV & LUL Wei Louis children's wear added two new stores

Recently, VIV & LUL only Louis children's clothing store opened in East Wenfeng and Yancheng Golden Eagle store grand opening. It is reported that since 2012, many new members to join Louis, will be opened one after another, let us together to congratulate! VIV & LUL Adds Two New Stores From VIV & LUL to Louis Vuitton Products, Listening to the Language Made Easy by Louis Vuitton The brand new concept of ecology created by VIV & LUL children's wear is mothers-in- - The materials and crafts are environmentally friendly. The aristocrats' romance and personality - pure French descent and cultivation. The stylish concept and meticulous details - bring brand new wearing concept and lifestyle to children in China. VIV & LUL adds two new stores. The VIV & LUL brand goes back as far as LYON, a large, southeastern city on the banks of the Rhone in France at the end of the 19th century. It is an ancient city with a long history and is a famous center of European political culture , Where once the place of aristocracy. The descendants of a group of aristocrats were enlightened by the French Renaissance writer and humanist Francis Rabelais and followed the fanatical conditions of their luxurious life. They were born in a dignified and extraordinary taste, and at the same time liberated their thoughts and advocated freedom And personality. Louis Vuitton VIV & LUL R & D and Design Center in China Led by two design directors from France and Japan, the Louis Vuitton Kids brand is combining oriental tenderness with western free-romance and romance, with Louis VIV & LUL tailored to Chinese children System of personalized children's clothing show, creating a new era of Chinese children's wear consumption, the French Louis Vuitton to lead the children's clothing industry in the future.

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