E-WORLD brand director Tong Ying-sheng explains the winter women's fashion trends


Tong Ying, Chairman and Design Director of E-WORLD Brands

2012, a spring of all things recovery buds first release, "golden button" in the Beijing NPC session on stage, launched the "Peony E-WORLD2012 mirror 'autumn new product promotion." Mysterious gorgeous retro lace skirts, colorful printing knit sweaters, cascading change arc pants, in turn on the T-stage display, gorgeous staged. The gorgeous performance, divided into three major themes: Limbo, Shao Liao and Liu Hui, continues the characteristics of the innovative autumn clothing design that E-WORLD has been innovating over the past five years. Field reporters interviewed E-WORLD brand chairman and design director Tong Ying, on the E-WORLD brand development trend explained.


E-WORLD2012 'Peony in the Mirror' new autumn and winter E-WORLD Fashion Women's 2012 autumn and winter fashion trends

Reporter: How to keep the brand in a highly competitive market continues to lead?

Tong Ying: This issue for a women's brand , is indeed a test of a brand company's comprehensive ability and management level. Looking at the world of successful women's brands to maintain a sustained lead of tens or even hundreds of years, I think there are three points: First, a brand must have a unique design and continuous innovation, and tightly hold the woman's inner needs, and education Women do not keep beautiful, but dig in every day to accumulate in themselves, have not yet found their beauty. Second, the quality of a trusted product, that is, every detail of the clothes should be better, because apparel is an integrated art, so the quality is based on the brand is the guarantee of sustainable development. Thirdly, each successful brand has its own unique sales service. For example, LV requires the waiter to take the white glove for the guests. Her service and her own respect for the product embody the value of the product. Therefore, E-WORLD brand in the five years since its founding has been constantly learning to improve, and Forever excellence.

With the rapid economic development in China today, the demand and progress of Chinese women in apparel even exceed the progress made by our industry experts. Therefore, E-WORLD brand in order to meet the needs of customers, has established its own professional training base, each sales staff through the sales language, sales body language, sales skills with training and then serve for the guests, and in the excellent shopping guide Through the written test, the field practical training an excellent "clothing consultant" team. I believe that through the continuous efforts of all the family members of "E-WORLD" and continuous innovation, we are sure to "go hand in hand, win-win and move forward!" And will surely stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

Reporter: E-WORLD brand design how to maintain the leading Chinese women's fashion trend, and even lead the world trend of women's wear?

Tong Ying: In fact, as a director of women's design, I think the material existence is full of all sense of design, each person's professional point of view, she felt from the material "beauty" is not the same mathematicians from the figures And the structure of the equation material beauty; architects feel the beauty of the building from the pile of stones and gravel; then as a women's designer, I from the body's aesthetics, from the different characteristics of each woman to feel the United States, with clothing As a medium to tap the different roles of a woman's heart and to change the quality of life of a woman and to enrich the spiritual life of a woman ... Intentions to experience the beauty of the world, to keep the curiosity of the United States forever, to marvel at it forever, to anticipate adventures in every detail, and Forever passion and love, then the material there is always a sense of design, E-WORLD brand will be able to maintain a leading Chinese women's fashion trend with professional, passionate, correct aesthetics, until the world's leading women's trend.

Reporter: Why launch the "golden button" military platform interactive activities?

Tong Ying: I think, a brand or a business to maintain sustained development, the business or brand must have a "love" culture to support. The rapid development of enterprises and brands in the process of enterprise team building, that is, "people" training and training is very important. As a private company's family, I deeply understand that the country can be strong, the rich can wealthy. Therefore, enterprises in the recruitment process of talent, we have a rule is to give priority to re-conversion of military personnel to work in the company. Because we have found that they have good professional ethics and strong executive capacity through the re-analysis of the performance of military personnel in the enterprises. Therefore, our company decided to step up the post arrangements for the resumption of military service. In this way, we have had the honor to meet Secretary-General Zhang Cheng, secretary-general of China's Junren Love Project Association. Zhang, secretary general, is a serious, serious, vigorous, caring and detail-oriented leader. With a responsible attitude towards the revival of military personnel, In person with an expert advisory group to Hangzhou Yingjie Fashion Co., Ltd. site visits, and convened an expert and Yingjie high-level seminar on the company's corporate culture, employment system, made a detailed inquiry and investigation, and through many meetings with the expert group And looking for job conversations with Aviva retired soldiers, and finally decided to establish a strategic cooperation unit relationship. Learn from each other, help each other, work for the reemployment of military personnel, create a brilliant future for life. Perhaps one platform for the E-WORLD brand will admit only limited reintegration soldiers, but we are willing to share the successful experience of reinvigorating our military with all successful enterprises and let the entire Chinese people care about the re-employment of re-established military personnel and create greater glories. In the career. Use the "golden button" as a link to the military Aimin, civil support for the army's fine tradition tightly together, from generation to generation.

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