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Shenzhen Zhuoya Garments Co., Ltd., its predecessor in 1996 underwear involved in the production and management, development so far, has become a research and development, production, retail chain, foreign trade as one of the modern brand apparel company. Company plant covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees. Headquarter through the network of computer systems for all stores of goods Invoicing information control, to achieve the flow of information, logistics, document flow and capital flow of a high degree of unity; company's main products are underwear series, home series, warm series and other series of products Products have been exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and more than 10 countries and regions. Is currently China's garment industry in the large-scale production, advanced technology and innovative super-one of the enterprises.


The Company continuously moves towards enterprise modernization, scientific management, business grouping and market internationalization, setting up human resources center, financial center, information center, operation center, production center and commodity center with clear division of labor and clear responsibility, striving to open up China The most influential underwear chain. Zhuoya beauty as a set design, production and sales integration of large brand underwear business, is committed to product quality excellence, a strong R & D team continues to introduce new features, have introduced erotic lingerie series, business lingerie series and the charm of the "fashion" series product. Zhuoya lingerie always adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, with comfortable fabrics, exquisite workmanship and perfect details deeply moved the hearts of the vast number of female consumers, won the "Consumer assured satisfaction brand" and "internationally renowned brand" The title, and access to participate in the Shenzhen exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Award.

Beauty is the pursuit of a woman's life. Men may never understand how a fit and delicate underwear is important to a woman. Female beauty in addition to external performance, personal care as indispensable. And have a Zhuoya beauty lingerie can make the charm of women get the ultimate performance curve.

Every year we made the most attractive Practice Dress and tops of our Ladies Dancewear collection and downsize them to fit the young aspiring dancers. Never discriminating against young dancers, the same attention to detail is paid and identical dance fabrics are used for girls skirts. As all our dancewear, also our competition skirts for girls are custom made.Each of our competition skirt is available in a Sequence, Ballroom and Latin length.

1) Standard Practice Dress will be shipped in 3-7 business days.Please make sure you have enough time to wait.

2) If the size is not suitable for you,please provide height, waist, chest, hip to us, for you to customize.

3)Custom dress do not accept returns, please be sure to provide accurate measurement data.

4)Dress only include hand-stitched detachable chest pad.

Ladies Practice Dress

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