BQUEEN Women opened a new chapter in the field of domestic fashion

Originally from Guangzhou Biqueen Garments Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Biting Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. At the beginning, the company mainly engaged in the international trade of middle and high-end mature women's wear in BQUEEN with its own production and sales mode. It owns its own R & D center, production system and marketing team. After two years of development and progress has established a stable international trade channels, and some Asian, European and American countries, some traders established a good bridge of cooperation, due to the expansion of customer and market demand in 2007 the company launched the BQUEEN high-end leather goods series, Products include women's shoes, handbags and so on. BQUEEN high-end leather goods since the market has been widely loved by customers and the rapid development in the field of foreign trade. So far, Tianyi's BQUEEN women's brand in the field of international trade has developed into a series of high-quality high-end brands.


Innovation, with the growth and stability of enterprises for many years, "innovation" is Tianyi new key words. The establishment of BQUEEN's domestic brand division is a major innovation in Tianyi's operation and also has far-reaching significance in the overall operation of Tianyi's market. Spring 2010 BQUEEN with the world's leading apparel fashion to visit the Chinese market for the Eastern women to broaden the brand-new fashion vision, in the forefront of international fashion culture, but also to experience the perfect image of BQUEEN international fashion. BQUEEN (China) opened a new chapter in the field of domestic fashion.

BQUEEN女装 翻开国内时尚领域新篇章

Journey, is the mission and line of business, to create first-class fashion business and apparel brand Tianyi since its inception that is adhering to the concept. "BQUEEN" Chinese as the meaning of "to become a queen", its own definition of brand products on the expression of a higher position. BQUEEN is committed to serving the needs of women in high-end quality dress, the main products include clothing, shoes, bags, hats and accessories and other products. Tianyi always adheres to the enterprise's vision and brand positioning. While BQUEEN brand continues to grow and progress, it is willing to share the success and achievement of BQUEEN women's clothing with the partners who are determined to set up their own business in the field of first-line apparel. Work together to create a grand new chapter in the field of apparel.

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