Tang Lion Casual Wear Joins Hands with Wu Xuekai's Cross-border Jus

It is reported that online Tang Shi new products in summer 2012, jointly developed by the team of Wu Xuekai and the Tang Shi brand designers team, specifically for online consumers, launched in the group purchase site platform - poly bargaining.

The online Tang Lion brand has been committed to creating an “online fast fashion clothing shopping paradise”. This time together with the famous fashion designer Wu Xuekai, held a press conference for the launch of the 2012 summer new product cross-border gathering and costing platform in Shanghai. An Gang, the general manager of Tang Lion Online, and Xiao Bing, the chief executive of Juhua, the famous Chinese fashion designer Wu Xuekai, and the General Secretary of the Shanghai Garment Industry Association Dai Ziyi attended the press conference.

It is reported that online Tang Shi new products in summer 2012, jointly developed by the team of Wu Xuekai and the Tang Shi brand designers team, specifically for online consumers, launched in the group purchase site platform - poly bargaining.

The online Tang Lions Association Wu Xuekai, in the cross-border launch of summer new products, is also a new attempt in the online retail market. The first wave of new summer products is expected to start from May 7th and is being sold in a new deal. This event also cooperated with the Amoy Girl Official and launched a large-scale election of Tang Lion New Products and a worthy women's wearer nationwide. During the event, there are exclusive Taobao personal delivery services, this innovative promotion model is also the first time in the poly-com put. Online Tang Lions series of activities to meet and meet the increasingly diverse needs of online consumers, at the same time, with the help of the designer to create more experience for customers, "fast fashion shopping" paradise.

The online Tang Lion showed a rapid market growth in China's online retail market, and was quickly and cheaply positioned in the online retail market, gaining popularity among consumers. This cross-border cooperation has opened the curtain for cross-border cooperation between China's affordable retail network and designers. For many online consumers in China, there will be more “beautiful” products: affordable prices, stylish style, new products that will be introduced quickly, and superior quality.

It is reported that cross-border cooperation with well-known designers will serve as an important brand strategy and product organization strategy for online Tang Lion brand development and will continue to advance. The joint cross-border strategy of “brand + cost-effectiveness + master teacher” will also launch the “quick and light fashion quality consumption era”.

Reporter observation: online cross-border

Today, apparel e-commerce has emerged as a mainstream business choice for many brands and companies in the traditional retail situation of “outside of difficulties”. However, people soon discovered that expanding new businesses in the form of e-commerce is not as simple as it seems. Sometimes he enters happily, but eventually he exits.

In fact, the core principles of developing the clothing retailer's retail industry are still those of traditional retailing: customer demand as the center, product as the guide, competition differentiation as the key points, and core value as the mission. However, in the specific implementation, e-commerce brands may be faster, more flexible, but also more focused.

For example, in the case of product dissemination, for example, the traditional enterprise’s approach is to “add points through addition”, first to advance product planning and development, and to combine the supply chain capabilities to make a package of goods, and then to base on market intelligence. At the same time, through product selection, ordering, FAB, display, visual presentation, terminal operations and many other aspects, the product selling point more fully meets customer needs. However, e-commerce companies operating on such a basis are obviously not fast enough and flexible enough. The nature of e-commerce is the channel. The distance between this channel and the customer is shorter, the communication is more effective and faster, there is a large amount of detailed data support behind it, and the customer's consumption path can be studied, and the relationship between customers and competition can be further improved. Being intuitive and simple, the opportunity cost is relatively lower.

Therefore, with the above advantages, the operation mode of the clothing e-commerce is more targeted and leads the customer. At present, there are two types of companies that are more successful in guiding customers' needs. One is international big names like Chanel and Gucci. They rely on brand awareness, designer influence, and product style to lead high-end customers and The trend toward clothing; the other is a chain of brands such as H&M, which guides the consumer demand of the mass market through a large number of direct-operated terminals, products that are fast and affordable, and cross-border cooperation with many famous teachers for nearly 10 years.

Fortunately, the online retail brands of China's apparel brands are also starting to use cross-border cooperation between the famous teachers and the "principle of complementary advantages." Recently, the online Tang Lion brand and the famous Chinese designer Wu Xuekai have made new starts for cross-border deals, and their new products will also be launched at the beginning of May.

This attempt by China's apparel e-commerce companies is obviously of positive significance. Combining the brand's existing influence and overall operational capability with the designer's control ability and style expression ability of the product, and the ability to cover a large number of passengers with a cost-effective solution, they are all combined together to provide consumers with more rapid and affordable prices. , stylish products. This way, it is clear that consumers are pursuing the core requirements of “fast, quality, and light fashion (low prices)”, and online consumption will usher in the era of civilian consumption and designer cross-border.

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