Niu Bao children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new orders will be elegant childhood extraordinary life

Dongguan Jia Hao Garment Co., Ltd. 2012 "Niu Bao" autumn and winter orders will be May 18 to 20 at the Humen New World Hotel in Dongguan was held. The order will not only allow customers to experience the trend of fashion, but also allow customers to deeply feel the market trends, to prepare for the next step of development. Niubo children's clothing 2012 autumn and winter brand new orders "Niu Po" English name "NIMBLE", is the Dongguan City, Jia Hao Clothing Co., Ltd. under the children's dress brand. Dongguan Jia Hao Garments Co., Ltd. has long been focused on the children's wear business. With the integration of industry and trade, the domestic market and the foreign markets, the company has been promoting the spirit of "doing fine workmanship" and has become the first child dress brand operating company in China. Strong design team, elegant, noble, high quality design style, contains in the nature of elegant, refined and elegant. Let every child have a happy princess-like childhood, won by the vast number of consumers. Our design philosophy is "elegant childhood, extraordinary life," so that the dress is not only an art form, but closer to our lives. Instead of looking shallow, it is better to wear their body! Rapid economic development, the ever-changing market, not only the company needs in accordance with its own advantages, in order to meet the market demand for continuous innovation. All retailers, wholesalers, franchisees need to understand the market dynamics planning. Ordering is not only organized by the company for the future development of the preparation, but also retailers, wholesalers, franchisees to understand the market dynamics of a good platform. "Elegant childhood, extraordinary life" is our brand philosophy, "Jia Yi world, Hao Bo life," reflects a kind of elegant feelings. Our mission is to create a more extraordinary life theme for people who understand life, leaving a beautiful print of life. Niu Bao children's clothing firmly believe: We are not only a pioneer of children's elegant, fashionable life, advocate, promoter, the future will be a sign of children's wear dress industry, a monument.

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