Man Lu card (MARLOCA) brand women's boutique - art of praise

Praise is an art, praise not only "too" and "not", but also the correct or not the object of praise, different customers need different ways of praise. Appropriate selection of ways to praise and the appropriate degree of compliment the degree of compliment, is to praise customers can achieve an important measure of effectiveness; As the saying goes: "A good thing three winter warm." That is the meaning, as a business mind qualified manager, Should be mean at the same time compliment the quasi-context, a suitable occasion for the praise can play a multiplier effect.

For the brand retail terminal, how to grasp the appropriate standard of customer praise is crucial. Customers are praised, this point in the brand of terminal sales is very important.


Step 1: Find the customer who can praise a point

Praise customers is a reason, shopping guide can not create a point out of thin air to compliment a customer, this point must be able to praise the point, there must be a good reason to praise the customer, such praise customers are more acceptable to the heart Feel the depth of the shopping guide sincerely, even if this is a beautiful lie, the customer is also very much like and willing to accept. For example, "Mei Mei hundred" is to sell pants based shop, used to praise the most should be a woman's figure, and the woman's body is just the second life of a woman self-regard, they value their body especially, a sentence Your good body after our store the most fitting pants is to achieve the maximum profile of the proud of the effect of the compliment, perhaps the business has been very sure.

Step 2: Customers own the advantages

As a shopping guide to discover the advantages and strengths of customers, the advantages and strengths is our praise place, the advantages of customers can look for from many aspects, such as: the cause of the customer, the customer's looks, customer behavior, Customer's language, the family of the customer, etc. Of course, this compliment is the advantage of the customer. Only the merits of praise can make the customer feel that you are complimenting him. If you compliment the customer without judgment Shortcomings, then your praise can only be counterproductive; sometimes play point curve to save the country, the general "Mei Mei hundred" stores are couples or couples, come together, and many women buy clothing is the case Male payment. Praising her husband in front of a woman is a good word both parties are willing to listen to, and men get more support for women's buying decisions when they get praise, sometimes reaching the best that women have yet to decide and men have already paid for.

Step 3: The highlights of praise must be realistic

Advantages of the customer If an indisputable fact, the fact that the praise and presentation is the shopping guide on the basic judgments of things that will make customers feel that your praise did not bring any excessive place, such praise customers easier and more acceptable, Whether men and women like their young, beautiful, so praise people Your appearance temperament than the actual age to be young, almost all customers are happy to accept.

Step 4: Use natural language to express it

Praise of customers through shopping guide in their own language, in a natural way to express, if you use a very rhetoric to illustrate a life and work often encountered, then customers will think this "praise" Very fake, the customer's confidence in your words will make some big discount. To express compliments in a natural and ordinary way is a very good way to say something like "Wow, where is your hairstyle and really your temperament." That is to say, she hairstyle and harmonize beauty At the same time boast she has the brain, can find a good hair stylist, played a lot of heavy effects.

Step 5: Express it sincerely at the right time

To praise customers at the right time to speak out, this time will appear your compliment is very natural, at the same time for the praise of customers can be appropriate to join some ridicule of the spices or the current network buzzwords, humor, etc., This easier to adjust the atmosphere, so that customers feel very comfortable in my heart, there is a saying for money to enjoy.

Hu Qingqing said they often hear such a customer used to compliment us, "Where I spend money, spend your comfort here." This is the basic guarantee for customers to turn back.

When the shopping guide in good faith to go to service to create a warm shopping atmosphere, the customer will give you heartfelt "praise."

Step 6: Good at seizing every opportunity to praise

To dialysis the customer's heart, a good shopping guide must have the ability to catch people, of course, but also a wide range of knowledge, to point to the surface, just right to praise the word naturally revealed. Sometimes a person who is unwilling to buy or walked into the store may be able to make a big business because of a few words of "praise."

Of course, doing business or praising people can not be used solely for the purpose of obviously selling goods. This can only be a proper embellishment, otherwise there is contrition, deceitful. Must be true to personal feelings and eloquence revealed, but also to enter the role of acting, acting realistic is; people who know how to praise, first of all their own heart to the United States; know how to praise there is a good brand of products, good business Philosophy, there are services for customers to consider the purpose of the business is bound to be prosperous.

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