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37 degrees, is a woman's body temperature, on behalf of a positive, confident, progressive attitude to life, passionate but not radical, rational and not indifferent, independent and not paranoid. 37 degree woman is an example of today's urban women, especially women of petty bourgeoisie. They have their own profession, they both internally and externally, stylish appearance, inner abundance. Such women are the most attractive, not because of their beauty, more of the kind of exudes from the inside temperament, that the natural invisible charm, people inadvertently will attract the attention of countless people.

37度Love时尚内衣 神秘性感魅力无限

37 ° Love contains the appreciation of women, interpretation of a legend.

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Our dyed cotton fabric has various weaving styles, most popular patterns are like cotton twill, cotton shirts, cotton plain, cotton canvas and cotton sateen fabric etc. Those fabrics are widely used for leisure wear, uniforms and textile craft products in global market.

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